Importance Of QR Codes And Text Messaging For Small Businesses

QR Code

The QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. Its origin can be traced to Japan by Masahiro Hara in the year 1994. It is a type of barcode that the users can scan using their smartphones. This barcode will take the users to any digital space that its creator wants them to visit. Initially, the use of QR Codes was not known to many. However, after the advent of smartphones and their rapid popularity, the significance of QR Codes increased too. Today it is used for a variety of things, from paying bills to accessing websites or other applications. The code has huge space storage for all. The importance of the QR Code in encouraging small businesses to thrive has increased manifold.

  1. It is known to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing. QR Codes can be added to the various offline marketing platforms like flyers, newspapers, and billboards by small businesses as a medium to help them connect with you and drive them to visit your online website. It can also be used for displaying offers and discounts. All the users have to do is scan the code, using their mobile devices, and they will be directed to your desired online location.

  2. SMS and Email Marketing boosts. Once the user scans the code, they can receive messages about sales, offers, and many more. Along with this, you can also monitor and check your email’s performances.

  3. It helps in building customer relationships. QR Codes help businesses get reviews from their customers. Since it has become easy with QR Codes to give reviews whenever it suits the customers, they tend to engage more in their free time. They can give reviews while they are waiting in line at a supermarket or at a restaurant for their order to arrive. Small businesses can ask their customers to give reviews and feedbacks in exchange for offers such as freebies. It encourages customer engagement, and honest feedback can be used to keep track of their services.

  4. QR Codes increase traffic to the website and blog posts that you link with it. It allows users to visit your website by simply scanning the code and without much hassle. You can link your social media handles like Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram that you wish your customers to visit. It also allows the users to pin posts on Pinterest, increasing customer engagement with your business.

Text Messaging

The importance of SMS Marketing and Text Messaging has grown tremendously over the years, especially for small businesses. It is a mode of communication that connects different people over a short period and provides effective results. It is not only used by employees in a company but also by the customers. Customers prefer using text messages to connect with their service providers to share feedbacks and issues related to the services.

1. Improves Communication

It hasbecome one of the most effective communication modes for all. Customers find it easy to connect over texts than over calls. Gone are the days when text messages were considered unprofessional and unethical. It is now one of the most preferred platforms for personal as well as professional use. Also, various businesses are constantly sharing offers and discounts over text messages and, to keep up with the rising competition, it has become necessary for all businesses, whether small or big, to jump into SMS Marketing.

2. Proven Record

Text Messages are proven written records that can be used for future references. This feature is very similar to that of Emails. However, SMS provides a faster response rate since not all users have a proper notification set up on their devices to receive instant mails. The notification setup is already set at default for text messages, meaning that the user will receive instant notifications if messages are sent. It accounts for a quicker response from the customer’s side.

3. Saves Time and Resources

Text messages save a lot of time than phone calls. You can send out an already prepared text to customers without having to discuss and explain to them the necessities of it over a call. You can also send mass messages at one go, which is much more efficient than talking to one individual customer at a time.

4. Keeps Track of Activities

Text Messages keep track of your interactions with the customers. Whenever a message is sent or received, it is recorded, and a list is automatically prepared for you. You can then analyze your response rate, and take measures to either improve your SMS strategy or continue with the existing one. You can also use this list of customer interactions for future references at any point in time.

QR Codes and Text messaging are quite significant today, especially for businesses that are rapidly growing and fighting the competitive edge.

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