How to Use Email to Increase Sales

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Email marketing has been a go-to choice for many years. Freelancers, startups, SMBs, large enterprises, and multinational brands rely on email marketing to promote their business and increase the conversion rate.

Some consider email marketing outdated and less effective. Does it mean you cannot use emails to increase sales or earn profits?

Of course not. Email marketing is still effective. It is an integral part of the omnichannel marketing strategy adopted by many leading brands. Email marketing is similar to other digital marketing techniques. It will deliver the expected results when your strategy aligns with the business goals and target market. According to the reports, some brands get $40 ROI for every dollar they spend on email marketing.

Take a look at the below tips to use email effectively and increase sales. You can ace email marketing with a few actionable tips and tricks.

● Know Your Audience

This is mandatory for any marketing strategy to succeed. How can you create content and send promotional material if you don’t know what your target audiences want? Use data analytical tools to collect and process data. Derive in-depth reports about your audience’s likes, dislikes, preferences, purchase history, etc. Segment customers based on factors like age, gender, region, occupation, etc., to send targeted emails.

● Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to brand visibility and awareness. Create a timetable in advance and schedule bulk emails to subscribers on specific days. You need to be regular and consistent so that users recognize your business. At the same time, don’t spam them with too many emails. Close 45% of people in the US check their emails 1-3 times a day. Sending weekly emails should work well. You can even send daily emails if there’s a strong need for it (limited period sales, reminders, etc.)

● Subject Line Matters

The subject line is the first thing visible about the email and its content. It should indicate what the email is about and nudge the user to open the mail to know more. Email marketing software lets you to track the number of unopened emails. If this rate is high, you should rework your email marketing strategy. Attract users’ interest with the subject line.

● Strategically Placed CTAs

An email can have more than one call-to-action button. However, the purpose of the CTAs should align with the email’s intent. Furthermore, the positioning of the CTA button also impacts the click-through rate. Optimizing the email is necessary to increase conversion rate and sales.
For example, if you send an email about a discount sale, the CTA button should be immediately after you announce the sale. Highlight the button in a different color and use bold colors to make it easily identifiable. The CTA buttons should take the user straight to the exclusive landing page created for the sale.

● Personalization

This point ties up with the first one. Once you know your audience, you can personalize the email content for each segment or category. Content created exclusively for the target audience will make it easy to relate to the topic. For example, you can cross-sell products to customers who purchased similar ones from your business. Reminders for repeat purchases will also increase sales.

● Split (A/B) Testing

The importance of testing in email marketing cannot be overstated. Split or A/B testing is a popular technique used to determine the effectiveness of your emails and choose the ones that generate more clicks. You create two versions of an email and conduct tests to see which one will be more suited for your target audience. This improves your chances of generating more sales through email marketing. You also save money by fine-tuning your strategy.

● Responsive Layout and Design

In today's world, people no longer rely solely on desktop computers to check their emails. Many use iPads, tablets, laptops, and smartphones to access their email inboxes. The email layout and design should be pleasing and user-friendly on multiple devices. The screen’s dimension shouldn’t affect the email’s layout. When a layout automatically adjusts to suit the screen, it is called a responsive design.

● White Space is Attractive

Reading blocks of text can be annoying. There is a growing trend of shorter attention spans among people. If you want users to read your emails, you need to offer valuable content and structure it carefully. Use white space to allow users to process the information provided until that point. Rely on bullet points, infographics, short videos, images, and gifs to provide information. Space out the content with gaps between each section.

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