How to Use Email & Text Marketing in Your Marketing Campaigns

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Balancing your marketing strategy is the key. You need to remind your customers of your business but not annoy or bore them with your promotions. That’s why many leading brands use SMS marketing and Email Marketing to reach out to the target audiences in different ways. Both are cost-effective methods and can be customized to suit your business strategy and long-term goals.

A single-channel marketing strategy is never enough to survive competition in today’s world. Integrating email and SMS marketing into a single content marketing strategy will amplify the benefits. Omnichannel marketing is the way to attract more customers and increase the conversion rate.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending emails to the target audiences and customers to promote your business and build customer relationships. The emails can be informational, transactional, educational, and promotional. Newsletters are commonly used email types to send informational and promotional updates to subscribers.

Statistics show that 37% of the brands have increased their email marketing budget. 77% of marketers saw an increase in the engagement rate. Statista estimated that the global email marketing revenue will reach 17.9 billion USD by 2027. With the number of email users increasing worldwide (there were more than 4 billion in 2020), it makes sense to use email marketing to promote the business.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the process of sending text messages to customers. Similar to email marketing, it can be used for promotional, informational, and transactional purposes. Statistics show that more than 90% of the customers opt-in for SMS message from brands. 96% of the marketers say that using SMS marketing strategies has increased their revenue.

While there are many messaging platforms, the native messenger on mobile phones is the most used channel to send text messages. SMS marketing also includes MMS (multimedia) messages like GIFs, images, and short videos. Native messaging works for everyone because it is a default application on every mobile phone. There’s no need for an internet connection. People using regular mobile phones can also receive and send SMS messages as these are processed by the network carrier.

How to Combine Email and SMS Marketing

SMS and email marketing will increase your understanding and help use customer analytics to create better and more successful campaigns.

● Cross-Compatibility

When you combine email and SMS marketing, you can use data from both channels to gather more information about the customer and personalize the content accordingly. This makes it easy to segment customers based on their interests and behavior patterns. For example, if a customer likes and purchases a product repeatedly, you can send emails and SMS messages about the product to ensure they don’t miss out on the deals, offers, and new releases.

● Higher Engagement

Omnichannel marketing has a proven record of increasing the engagement rate. It is helpful to use email and SMS marketing when running a promotional campaign. It could be for limited period sales, new launches, or seasonal deals. Send an email in advance to alert the customer and send an SMS closer to the main date. The email will inform the customer, and the SMS will act as a reminder. This will increase the chances of a customer checking out the offers and making a purchase.

● Wider Reach

When you use omnichannel or integrated marketing, you will naturally reach more audiences. People who use email but not mobile phone and people who use mobile phones but don’t have an email can be targeted at once when you combine email and SMS marketing. Each customer and prospective lead can choose a communication channel that’s convenient to them. They can switch from one channel to another as a part of their journey with your business.

● Cost-Effective

The biggest advantage of SMS and email marketing strategies is their affordability. Spending thousands of dollars to run these campaigns or set up email and SMS marketing systems is not required. What you need is a customizable and user-friendly service provider who can streamline your marketing and communication channels through third-party integrations. Finding a reliable and trustworthy service provider will increase ROI.

● Mobile-Friendly

Emails and SMS are mobile-friendly. While text messages are exclusively mobile-based, emails can be read on various devices like personal computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. In a world where mobile phones are an extension of the person, combining marketing mobile-friendly strategies will increase your reach in the target market. However, the emails have to be customized to suit various devices.

TXTImpact is a leading business text messaging solution provider in the US. The company works with small and medium businesses from different industries/ niches. It offers affordable solutions to streamline and automate business texting services. TXTImpact provides tailor-made services based on business requirements to increase customer engagement, conversion rate, and revenue.

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