How to Switch From Zipwhip to TXTImpact

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A business has to hire different service providers to run the establishment. Most businesses rely on third-party companies for marketing services. If choosing a service provider is one aspect, switching from the existing provider to another is a different aspect. You need to plan the next move depending on the reason for switching.

Moreover, you need to start researching again to find the best service provider for your requirements. Things don’t end there, either. You have to deal with aspects like the migration of databases, choosing a similar package of services, and so on.

SMS marketing has become a popular method to reach a wider audience in recent times. Many companies offer business text marketing services in the market. One such company is Twilio, which offers an array of software and services for business marketing.

Zipwhip is an SMS marketing software by Twilio. If you are using this software you would know that Zipwhip will not be available after the end of this year (Dec 2022). How do you switch from the existing service provider to another like TXTImpact? Let’s take a look.

Zipwhip is Shutting Down

During last year’s fall, Twilio announced that it planned to discontinue Zipwhip for all its customers. After April 2022, existing Zipwhip users cannot make any more changes to their accounts. No updates or downgrades are allowed.

On the 1st Dec 2022, the software will not be available. You can’t use the browser, desktop, or mobile versions to automate and streamline your business SMS marketing campaigns. The integrations will also not work.

Customers cannot make changes to the contract or get add-ons. Businesses can continue to use Zipwhip until the shutdown date or cancel the service. However, 30th Nov is the last day to export data from the accounts.

Naturally, businesses using Zipwhip have no option but to look for another service provider who offers similar software and services. Whether you want to migrate immediately or wait until your contract ends, you still need to keep your options ready to act when the time comes.

How to Plan the Migration Process?

Planning the migration process is easier if you start in advance. Luckily, you have until 30th Nov to be thorough in your research and choose the best service provider.

· Understand Your Requirements

Which feature of the software has been most helpful?

Will you have to make any changes to the budget?

What sender option has been effective in delivering results?

Are you happy with the support services, or would you like more involvement from the service provider?
Find answers to the above questions to understand if your requirements continue to be the same or if you wish to make any changes to your business texting procedures.

· Review Existing System and Software

How well did your existing CRM system work with Zipwhip? Do you plan to use the same, or will you go for an upgrade? What additional features do you want? Which features have been a waste for a business? Do you have any workflows already established? Are you open to changing the workflows to get better results?

· Find New Service Provider

Once you have compiled the data based on the above steps, you will have a clear picture of what you want from the next service provider. Shortlist the leading companies and ask for a demo/ free trial. Speak with each company's representative to compare what you need and what they offer. A business text marketing service provider will be your long-term partner. You have to make the right decision.

What TXTImpact Can Do?

TXTImpact has been actively working with various businesses since 2006. We are a leading service provider in the US and offer a complete SMS marketing platform for end-to-end solutions. We work with a wide range of businesses, including government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Our team is now helping various establishments migrate from Zipwhip to TXTImpact. The process is simple and hassle-free. You can check out the free 7-day trial without adding your credit card details. The platform is easy to use and highly effective in streamlining your text messaging services.

Be it third-party integrations, landing texting, sending bulk and automated messages, or using the browser extension and mobile app to access the platform, TXTImpact has everything you need to continue your SMS marketing campaigns. Our existing customers have seen a substantial increase in customer engagement and loyalty after using our business text platform.

We’ll move your data from Zipwhip to our platform in a quick time and set up the services as soon as possible. You won't lose a single contact or be disrupted by your business SMS services for days. No glitches or errors. Switching from Zipwhip to TXTImapct can be done in a jiffy!
Talk to our team to know more.

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