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Why start a text campaign when you already have a well-established e-mail campaign?

Here's why.

While texting is not a new form of marketing communication, it still, somehow, remains an under-utilized tool.
Anyone that exists within the sphere of e-mail marketing knows that e-mails are typically looked at as a more formal form of communication than texting. This may be true, but it is to the detriment of e-mail marketing.

Texting has been ingrained in Western society as a casual form of communication within most social groups.

Everybody texts.

Middle-Schoolers and Grandparents are texting each other.

Complete strangers looking to exchange goods are texting each other.

The amount of people who can be targeted by a texting campaign are endless.

So why not take advantage of the informal comfort that texting offers, and begin sending your company’s deals, information, and coupons through text?

TXTImpact offers the ability to connect with your customers in various ways through text and you can take advantage of all of them by signing up.
So, if you already have an e-mail list of customers, how do you convert those into text?

Here’s how.

1. Send a Web Sign-up Form

First, you let your e-mail subscribers know that you are building a text subscription list. If customers aren’t aware of this list, they won’t be signed up.

Send them an e-mail that includes a link (or embed a button) to a web signup widget.

From this widget, customers can fill out their name, number, and then several other custom fields that you get to decide.
The web sign-up form can be customized in other ways too, which include color, confirmation texts, and invitation messages.

Let customers know what you will be offering and incentivize them to join your campaign. This can typically include a one-time, on initial sign up, a coupon that gives them a percentage off a purchase. These small incentives help convince the customer to join and it is a small price to pay in order to grow your texting list.

2. Customers Will Begin to Sign Up!

Watch the numbers roll in as customers use the form to join your texting list. Using this same campaign, you can also collect additional information that will allow you to further segment your subscribers. In your custom fields, you can collect the information that best serves you. Some common fields are e-mail (which you already have), ZIP Code, and DOB.

This can be an especially useful tool as it will help your business send relevant information to your new text subscribers.

3. Start Sending Texts to Your Subscribers

This is where you can reap the rewards of a good text campaign.

Rather than sending e-mails that won’t be checked, you can send texts to subscribers that will receive push notifications from their text messages.
As stated earlier, you can now send a multitude of different deals, coupons, images, links, and more to your text subscribers.
To find out more of what you can do with texting, check out our Features page.

To sign up, check out our pricing page.

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