How to Setup Text-2-join Campaign to Grow Your Text Message Sign-Up List?

Text Message Sign-Up

Text-2 join campaign is widely used today to collect phone numbers and emails of customers. This can be done by using a short code and a keyword and the method is quite simple and effective.


Here is a brief guide on how to setup Text-2-join Campaign:

A text message sign-up list is the basic important requirement when you have to create your text marketing campaigns. The simple equation is more subscribers added to more texts gives you more effective SMS marketing campaigns. The world today is very busy but everyone has access to their smart phones. You need to make the best use of this mobile technology if you want to build your network of subscribers. Users need to sign up via text messages to receive messages and updates from you.


What is Text to Join?

Text to Join is also called text-to-subscribe or text to sign up campaign. It is an easy way to encourage your target audience to opt-in for your SMS messages or emails. Those interested in your products and services will want to receive updates, messages and vouchers from you. You need to capture the email addresses and phone numbers by using text to join. It can also be used to gather customer information such as name, zip code, address or product preferences.

How to Set up Text to Join?

Text to Join works by using keywords. A keyword is a phrase or a single word that customers send to your phone number for the opt-in process for your SMS messages.

This is how the process is done:

  • Customer texts the keyword to the number given.
  • They receive a confirmation text.
  • After that, you send them SMS marketing campaigns. You can send them bulk text message either a promotion or upcoming event.

Can Text to Join be Used for Email Sign Up Lists?

Text to Join can be used for Email Sign Up lists as well. It can be used for easily capturing email addresses by text. Various mobile applications allow the company to add new text message subscribers to the preferred email marketing platform.

Procedure for Customer Sign up for Emails:

  • Customer sends a text with your keyword to your number.
  • Customer will receive notifications requesting for their email address.
  • The app will add the addresses automatically to your email marketing platform.

How to Set Up Text to Join for Email?

  • Create a keyword
  • You will first have to create a keyword that is easy to remember and also relevant to your business. For example, a relevant keyword for a Coffee Shop can be ‘Brew’. Keywords should not contain spaces and also cannot have special characters. A confirmation message is also required which subscribers will receive immediately once they text in your keyword. This way, you can let the customers know about the type of content you want to share and how frequently you will send messages. If you are using Text to Join for your text message sign-up list, these steps are enough to grow your list.

    Once you have completed the step, you need to promote your keyword. Encourage customers and leads to join your text messaging service by texting your keyword to your number. You will slowly watch your sign-up list grow. Businesses are all about getting maximum users today. Once you have users who have joined your list out of interest or curiosity, you can find potential buyers in them. They have 80% chance of buying your products in future.

    This procedure is quite simple and innovative. In the world of mobile marketing today, almost every company is going digital in order to get maximum customer base.

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