How to Send Wedding Invitations Via Text Message or SMS

Text messages or text invites are a new and raging trend today. People are sending wedding invitations via SMS or text messages to ensure that people remember the wedding dates. While some people send these SMS invites in addition to the invitation cards, some others send these invites to save on paper invitations. This not only helps to reduce the wedding budget but also helps them contribute their bit to nature.

Evites have become quite common today. They are better because not only do you save on paper, but also because you save yourself from collecting everyone’s addresses or going personally to everyone’s house to drop in the invitation card. Moreover, text messages are very fast and reliable. They are also cheaper. Those who send elaborate paper invites have to spend a lot on selecting paper, wording, and even the printing cost. Moreover, as the card is bigger, you have to think of more content to fill up the space, while in digital SMS messaging, you write only what is necessary. There is software that helps you create personalized wedding invites.

If you want to learn how to send impactful and beautiful wedding invitations via SMS, scroll down below for some tips:

• Import the Guestlist

This is the first step in sending an invite. You can use different tools or apps that help you import your guest list from your phone’s contacts. These tools enable you to have your guest list in one place, without having to manually add each person’s name.

• Draft the Text Message

Next, you will have to write some exciting wording for your wedding invitations and also include the dress code, date, venue, parking, location, etc. An extended SMS message allows you to write up to 306 characters. The first line should be simple and yet explanatory about being a wedding invite. If you feel that 306 words are not enough, you can send an MMS message that allows you to write up to 1600 characters and even photos.

• Schedule the Evite

Once you have drafted the message and have it ready, you need to schedule it to the right date. You can even send it at that time. You can also draft two messages, one saying ‘save the date’ and the other with ‘details’. The first one reminds people to keep themselves free on the wedding date. As these are digital invitations, you need not worry about the cost factor and can send as many as you want.


You can include an RSVP number in the same message or send another message requesting RSVPs. This will enable you to have the right headcount and you can arrange refreshments and other arrangements accordingly. The right number of RSVPs is necessary to cut down unnecessary extra seating arrangements or plates. Moreover, you can plan your party favors also accordingly.

• Request Guests to leave a reply

If you are inviting only a few people, requesting them to leave a reply, will not only give you an RSVP, but it will also help you read some exciting replies from friends and family who are willing to join. But if you plan to invite a lot of people, asking them to reply has a bigger purpose. When you ask them to reply, you can request them to add a keyword such as ‘Junior 50th’ for the 50th anniversary of Mr. Junior, etc. When you are using an app or software to import your guest list, such keywords can be used to import these contacts on the wedding guest list. Later, only these guests will be sent more SMS via the software for other wedding-related announcements such as ‘change of venue’ or ‘parking information’, etc.

This way, you can send exciting wedding invitations via text messages. So next time, plan your wedding event and save cost on paper invitation cards.

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