How To know The Best Time To Send Mass Texting

Are you running an enterprise or heading the marketing division of your company? In case you are, you have to know some techniques that are required to know how to send mass texting, especially the timing that is required to send messages to your customers. We will discuss some important tips on how to select the right time to send SMS to your target audience.

There are a few common timings when you can send marketing text and that would make the greatest impact. But yes, there is nothing called perfect timing which can strike your customers to its best.

9 am and 12 pm weekdays: People have a tendency to check their message box at this hour since they get busy with work soon after this timings.

5 am and 9 pm on weekdays: The majority of the customers have ended work hours and it’s high time they will have a look at their phone for important messages.

10 am and 12 pm, Saturday & Sundays: You have the highest opportunity sending mass texting since it’s off day and people will have time checking their inboxes.

4 pm and 7 pm on Sundays: While the weekend nears and it’s high time for you to catch attention, as they will be winding and getting ready to start a week, it’s high time they check phones for any important messages.

Consider carious criteria when you can start sending messages to your customers. Studying peoples’ moods is a critical exercise.

Consider the type of text message you’re sending: The type of messages differ a lot and the tone also. Promotional messages are generally aimed to increase brand awareness. There are a lot of discounts, coupons and special offers which are sent in normal business hours. The type of SMS marketing habits will depend on the industry, customer habits, and goals of course.

Consider your audience schedule: While you are up for sending mass SMS, then consider the time zone largely. If you can send an SMS to somebody staying in New York at 9 am, that won’t be the same for anybody staying in Japan. Also, sending text messages to somebody before the workday begins could be irritating enough. So select a comfortable timing and then start sending SMS or bulk messages.

Think when customers will be on phone: This is a general tendency for some people to be busy on their phones either before the rush hours or might be after the day’s work. Say, you are sending your SMS to anybody at the most hectic hours of the day, there are chances that those will go unread. Maybe the customer might find it annoying and even block you. So, it’s essential that you decide which hours of the day are ideal to send such messages. Well, you may test different times of the day initially, to see when your message is read the most.

Testing different days in the week: Suppose your client is a new brand trying to make an entry to the market, you can try a different model. Try texting the customer’s mobile at different times of the week. Some messages during the weekdays and some during weekends. You may compare the response from the customers. Analyze facts and figures, and then come to a conclusion about the most ideal hours of the day you can start sending SMS.

Campaign timings are the most ideal: Suppose you are sending promotional messages, say some discount messages just before any season like Christmas, Diwali, send it at the early hours. Customers often look for such messages with a discount coupon or code attached. Send regular messages so that they receive on time and make the maximum utilization of it.

Depending on the nature of SMS, there can be various categories of SMS:

• General marketing messages
• Appointment reminders
• Special events/weekend sales:
• Holiday sales

The latter categories are the most important and used by brands who want to establish themselves and attain the maximum possible sales. You can access a graph that would clarify the increase in sales compared to the amount of SMS sent to individual contact numbers.

Some important thoughts to consider before sending SMS:

• Geographical dimensions are very significant, and while you are sending SMS keep a watch on the timings and also the type of message.

• You can run a campaign by sending messages but track the result, like the number of people visiting a store for example. Observe the footfall in daytime VS. Weekends.

• You may run reports and access performance around each performance. This is a very important aspect that can help you understand the mode of the campaign to be run in the future.

Look for marketing services that offer SMS marketing and other facilities. You can go through their package and then decide on the most important tool to make your brand prominent. Ask for competitive prices, since there are many in the queue, to offer you the best service.

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