How To Integrate Salesforce With TXTImpact

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a well-known software company that offers many software applications. The company’s most famous software product is Salesforce CRM. This cloud-based service allows companies to manage their relationship with their customers in a more effective way. CRM is an extremely valuable tool that helps on managing customer information in a more effective way. It helps salespersons to grow their business by nurturing leads well. With all data being stored on a cloud server, the software is available for use 24/7 from any location.

For marketers, a great way of increasing their sales would be by integrating Salesforce with text messaging. The use of SMS allows marketers to engage better with customers and even interact with them. This is a good way of creating more leads and also running more effective marketing campaigns. SMS can be used by any kind of industry. Integrating SMS with Salesforce will help make the sales process more effective producing better results.


One of the most powerful tools for text messaging is TXTImpact. This company offers messaging service to help clients acquire, engage, and retain customers. They offer a service with many features like text messenger, mass texting, SMS marketing, SMS polling, text survey, etc. Apart from these features, what makes TXTImpact so powerful is that it offers integration with many popular products like Salesforce CRM, Zendesk, Zapier, Mailchimp, etc. The integration allows two different products to be used together for better productivity.

Integrating Salesforce with TXTImpact

Salesforce CRM can be integrated with TXTImpact to allow you to send messages by using the contacts from Salesforce. You can also send messages directly to your customers and leads using the Salesforce CRM software.

Some of the features that you have access to when you integrate Salesforce CRM with TXTImpact are:

1. Mass texting

Mass texting is one of the key features of SMS. Text messaging can be used to send messages to hundreds and even thousands of customers at one click of a mouse. The messages can be sent directly through
Salesforce CRM using the Salesforce campaign option.

2. Interactive messaging

SMS is not just one-way communication but can be effectively used for two-way or interactive communication. Conversations with customers become easy when TXTImpact is used with Salesforce. Sending and receiving messages with Salesforce contacts becomes easy.

3. Automated messages

It is not necessary that someone physically sends messages. The entire process can be automated. Message schedules can be made and the message sent at the pre-determined dates and times. All this can be done through Salesforce CRM by making use of the WorkFlow and ProcessBuilder tools in the CRM software.

4. Receive replies

Replies from leads and customers can be received directly in Salesforce. This allows you to track communication from customers more effectively. This will be very valuable during the sales process.

Carrying out the integration

Integrating Salesforce CRM with TXTImpact is easy. The simplicity of the integration ensures that Salesforce and TXTImpact can be used to get the best results for your marketing. The following explains how this integration can be done effectively:

  1. To integrate TXTImpact with Salesforce CRM you need the Text Messenger App for Salesforce offered by TXTImpact. Installing this app will allow you to use texting within Salesforce CRM. This app can be used by any type of organization. It can be big companies, small industries, universities, nonprofit organizations, or any other type of organization.

  2. You can try out TXTImpact for free in the trial mode. This is a good option since you can try out all the integration options and check out how it works. Once you find out that it is suitable for your sales operations, you can then subscribe to this service. The trial plan is available for 7 days. The best part is that it is completely free. You are not even asked to provide your credit card details. There is no obligation to use the service. You can try it and then if you like it, you can subscribe.

  3. The next thing to do is to install the app. The app is available on the AppExchange portal of Salesforce. You can install the app easily. The process is simple and won’t take much time.

  4. You then need to generate the API key, which is again quick and simple. Use the key and connect your Salesforce account with your TXTImpact free trial account.

  5. You are now ready to start using Salesforce and TXTImpact for SMS marketing so you can get the best results from the sales process.

Integrating TXTImpact and Salesforce CRM can be done easily. Whatever is your business, you can get this integration done, so your marketing activity produces the best results. You can use the convenience of SMS within Salesforce so your entire sales process is done in the best possible way producing great results.

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