How To Increase Winter Retail Sales With Text Message Marketing

With the advent of technology today, every business is always trying to be in constant touch with their clients. The SMS text message is a great tool to let your clients know about your new products, sale offers, deals and discounts, fashion dressing tips, and more. If you are in the clothing business, then you can boost your retail sales easily using SMS marketing the right way. As winter is approaching, you might have stocked your retail stores with the latest winter wear. Now all you need is to let your customers know about this and you can do this by SMS easily.

Everyone shops according to seasons and the current trend. So, at the onset of winters, when you have newly stocked your retail store with the latest and the trendiest winter wear collection for men and women, you can let your clients and customers know in person about the new collections or about the sales offers by sending them text messages.

The most horrific problem for retail store owners is to have dead stock or fewer sales. To get the maximum sales of winter clothing at their stores, they come up with good offers and deals. Launching offers is one thing, but inviting your customers is another thing. You might have advertised in newspapers or magazines, but it is not necessary that your customers might have read those ads. You need to send personal invites with text message marketing. Here is how you can use SMS marketing to help increase your winter retail sales.

• Visiting the Store

When a new client enters your store, you can request them to drop in their number and name so that they can receive SMS alerts from you. If they agree to receive text messages from you, save their numbers so that you can send them alerts.

• Sale Alerts

The next step is to send them sale alerts. If you have some old stock at your retail store that you are selling at the sale or discounted prices, your clients might be interested in it. Framing quirky and appealing SMS invites and alerts can make your customers drop in to at least check the collection. This directly helps to boost your sales figures.

• Text alerts for Special Services and Offers

Once the client has given their consent and number to receive SMS alerts, you can send messages and alerts for new stocks, sale offers and deals. You can update them with the latest deals and offers and also update them about the available brands and collections at your store.

• Provide Style Tips

A cool way of boosting sales is by sending a few images of the winter clothes available at your store, smartly teamed up with a trouser or a beanie cap, also available at your store. Once the customer likes the look, he/she might be interested to shop the look, drop in a visit and buy. This might also force them to visit you again, in case they feel they have been postponing their winter shopping.

• Feedback messages

Use SMS to get feedback from your clients. This is very important to know how clients feel about your brand and winter essentials and how was their experience shopping at your store. Ask them to rate your services on a scale of 5 on an SMS portal.

You can even request them on SMS to get their friends and relatives shopping at your favorite store for winter products. This way, if you use text messaging, it has a great caliber to increase your winter retail sales.

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