How Text Messaging Helps You Meet Increasing Customer Service Expectations

Customer service is a top priority for all businesses, irrespective of its size or type. Every business strives hard to deliver a unique and positive customer experience that leaves its customers wanting more. While there are thousands of ways to communicate with customers, it is important that you get "connected" with the customers. SMS marketing is the best way to connect with customers and improve customer communication.

What are customer service and its significance?

Customer service is all about making your customers feel satisfied, valued, and appreciated by your business. Customer service is as important to your business as sales and marketing. It is an important factor that can have a great impact on the bottom line of your business and affect the company's image in the view of the public. Offering quality customer service can increase the opportunities to grow customer advocates for your business.

Providing exceptional customer service can help you stand out from today's crowded competitors and can serve as your brand's biggest advantage. But if you fail to make an effort to meet your customer service expectations, it can be your brand's biggest hindrance.

Role of interactive text messaging in customer service

When it comes to customer service, most customers expect quick responses and results. According to a recent report, 4 in 5 customers get frustrated by waiting on hold after navigating an interactive voice response system or making a phone call for customer service. It also stated that 50% of the customers prefer mass texting service over any other channel of communication to get connected with customer service. When used properly, business text messaging can offer a better customer experience that closely matches the growing demand for mobile messaging interactions.

How Text Messaging Helps Meet Increasing Customer Service Expectations

Providing customer service through the online text message service has enabled customers to get customer service however and whenever they want. SMS messaging also lets your business indulge in meaningful and relevant conversations with your consumers. The speed of SMS marketing along with its high open rate gives you the opportunity to improve customer service and meet their expectations. Here are a few ways through which you can meet your customer service expectations through business text messaging.

1. Make it convenient

Business text messaging is considered to be more convenient for consumers for obtaining customer service or support. It allows customers to connect with the business when they feel most comfortable and without interrupting their schedules. Customers use text messaging services before, during, and after purchase to clarify their doubts. The convenience factor of SMS marketing is a huge advantage and customers expect you to satisfy them.

2. Make it free

When you expect your customers to respond or reply to your text messaging service, providing them free of cost is the key to get it done. Offering them for free compels customers to reply or respond, as well as make them feel that they receive great customer service from your business.

3. Go beyond words

Business text messaging allows you to connect and engage with customers the way they would expect to communicate with friends and family. This can be done with the help of Rich messaging. Rich messaging is interactive text messaging, which allows you to share all of the interactive media on SMS, like rich cards and suggested replies to make it easier and faster for customers to respond.

4. Be available 24/7

If you are offering customer service through SMS, ensure that you are available to respond to queries 24/7. After-hour customer expectations can be easily managed with the help of an SMS customer service platform. Replying to queries after-hours is a courteous way to make your customers feel that their queries can be taken care of as quickly as possible and they are in good hands.

5. Ask for feedback

When you ask for feedback through text messaging, you're likely to get more responses. This is because it makes feedback sharing more fast and hassle-free for your customers. It also indirectly tells a customer that their feedback is more valued.

6. Send promotions

Customers will be more attracted to SMS discounts as they are easy to redeem. Segment your deals based on the needs of your target customer and send it to them personalized at the time when they are most likely to make a purchase.

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. They want an experience that is quick, uncomplicated, and provides precise solutions to their problems. SMS marketing services help businesses exceed these expectations and deliver exceptional customer service like never before. Ensure that you’re using the best platform to reach all of your customers quickly and efficiently. TXTImpact offers great text messaging products for all businesses that could help you offer great customer service, increase loyalty, increase the retention rate, and ultimately grow your business.

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