How Text Message marketing helps nonprofit businesses?

How Text Message marketing helps nonprofit businesses?

Non-profits and text messaging

A nonprofit business is one that does not have profit as its objective as most other businesses do. Nonprofits usually work for a social cause and have a mission that they strive to achieve. Being a nonprofit organization doesn’t imply that they don’t need marketing. Nonprofits too need customers in the form of donors. They also need to market their services to different kinds of organizations. Text marketing is one of the marketing tools that nonprofits can use in their activities.

A nonprofit organization needs to reach out to all its customers and other stakeholders. They need to inform them of new campaigns, the start of new projects, the status of existing projects and activities, and other such information. Text messaging is the best way to do this. Business Text messaging are a quick and easy way to communicate. They are used to reach out to the mobile phones of customers.

Nonprofits work more with older customers. An interesting piece of statistics is that those over 45 years of age are increasingly using mobile phones. In fact, people over the age of 70 use text messaging regularly at least once a week. Whatever may be the age of the customer, text messaging is the best way to contact customers. It is non-intrusive and preferred by customers. Most customers would read all messages they get and the chances of getting a reply to a text message are higher than other forms of communication.

How does it help?

Text message marketing can help nonprofit small businesses in their work. The following explains how this happens:

• Acquiring new donors can be done by contacting potential donors through messaging.

• SMS appeals can be sent out to prospective donors.

• Launch specific campaigns and request donors to contribute.

• Messages can be sent to donors informing them of how funds are being used and the status of campaigns.

• Contact volunteers who want to associate with the nonprofit’s activities.

• Send confirmation or schedule text message to volunteers to update them of activities.

• Update all stakeholders when a campaign or project is completed and inform them of the status.

• Prepare newsletters and send links to the newsletters or web resources to customers.

• Inform all stakeholders when events are organized and update them frequently on the status of the same.

Implementing text messaging

Nonprofits can implement text messaging for their business by using a software-based solution like TxtImpact. Using a software solution can be very helpful and allows nonprofits to use the following services:

• Mass text messaging to customers.

• Sending text messages as well as pictures and videos by message (MMS messaging).

• Social connect with customers by integrating messaging with social media accounts.

• Using an auto-responder to interact with customers through messages.

• Scheduling text messages to be sent at a particular date or time.

• Personalize messages sent to customers.

• Send links and track responses to assess the impact of text message campaigns.

All the above can be very helpful for a nonprofit to promote its business. It can use text messages to acquire and retain customers.

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