How Text Message Marketing Can Help Law Firms Reach New Clients

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The legal industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and law firms are leading the way. Law firm marketing strategies must evolve to stay relevant in this new era of technology. The legal market is saturated with competitors, so law firms need to come up with innovative ideas to stand out from their competition. If you’re wondering how text message marketing can help your law practice reach new clients, then you’ve come to the right place! Read on for some insider tips on how you can start building a successful text marketing strategy today.

What is Text Message Marketing?

For those who aren’t already familiar with it, text message marketing is a way for Law firms to increase their reach and build engagement with their existing and potential clients. Text message marketing is basically the practice of sending targeted messages to clients via their mobile devices. You can do this by offering text-only offers and then sending them a link to access the offer.

There are many advantages to choosing a text-based marketing strategy. Texting is convenient and can help you stay in touch with clients who are busy and might not want to receive calls or emails from you. As a result, you can build stronger relationships with your lawyers and other clients. It’s also a great option if you have limited advertising budgets.

Why Is Text Message Marketing Important to Law Firms?

Text message marketing isn’t just important for law firms looking to increase engagement with existing clients. This type of communication is also an excellent way to find new clients. When you send messages to potential clients via text, you give them the opportunity to share their contact information with you. This means that you don’t need to waste money on expensive advertisements to advertise to potential new clients. Simply send a couple of targeted texts, and you can find new clients for your practice.

Text message marketing isn’t just for searching for new clients either. Many law firms already use text message marketing to attract their existing clients. You can use text message marketing to collect sales leads, create reminders for your clients, and even offer simple legal advice.

How to Build a Successful Text Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

Now that you know why you should pursue text message marketing and why it can be successful for your law firm, you’re ready to get started!

Text message marketing is a very simple strategy to implement, but it can take some time before results start to show. Here are a few tips to help you build a successful text marketing strategy for your law firm:

Choose a Good Sending Platform

Before you start texting potential clients, you’ll need to choose a platform where you’ll be sending messages. This can be done through an advertising platform like Google, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also use an email marketing platform like Litmus or Campaign Monitor.

Choose a Good Texting Plan

Next, you’ll need to decide on a plan for sending your messages. Many firms begin with pre-written messages, but these can quickly become too repetitive and uninspiring. Instead, try sending more personalized messages that focus on your clients’ needs and interests.

Build a System for Sending Messages

Finally, you’ll need to build a system that allows you to send messages to your clients. This can be done with an email marketing platform, a social media platform, or a software program.

3 Tips for Building a Profitable Text Marketing Strategy for Lawyers

Here are a few tips that can help you build a profitable text marketing strategy for your law firm:

Targeted Stories - Many lawyers like to read stories on their phones, and these are perfect for text message marketing. Targeted stories can be about a case that your client recently won, an issue your client is experiencing, or a question your client wants answered.

Customizable Messages - You want to make sure that your texts are as relevant as possible to your clients. This can be done by including their name, the type of service they are looking for, and the interests you know about them.

Make it Easy for Lawyers to Use - You also want to make it easy for lawyers to use text messaging. This can be done by setting up an email address where clients can send you text messages or creating an app that makes it easy for clients to send and receive text messages.

Bottom line

Text message marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your clients, but implementing it effectively takes time and dedication. To get the most out of this strategy, you’ll need to spend time building a system for sending messages and customizing the content of your messages. Start implementing a text message marketing strategy today and you may be surprised at the results!

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