How Text Message Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies?

Text messaging has become a powerful strategy that marketers are using today. With the advent of the internet, it was believed that internet messaging would take over and leave SMS behind. This has not happened! Instead, they use of SMS has increased. Businesses are increasingly using SMS to reach out to their customers and engage with them. Marketers are modifying their business strategies and including text messaging as a key strategy.

Why Use Text Messaging?

There are a number of reasons why marketers are using text messaging as a business strategy. The following explains why:

• Text messaging is the easiest form of communication. The message sent would reach instantly. It does not require a smartphone even an ordinary feature phone would do. There is no requirement for internet connectivity, mobile signal is sufficient.

• An SMS is likely to be read by 97% of all recipients within 3 minutes of receipt. This makes sending SMS a great strategy for marketers.

• Text marketing has a response rate of more than 46%, which is higher than email marketing. This makes the use of this strategy a good idea, as around half the recipients are likely to respond.

• In a study, 86% of customers indicated that they would like to receive marketing messages through SMS. The reason is that unlike telephonic calls, and SMS is non-intrusive. A customer can continue doing his regular work while reading an SMS. This is why they prefer communication through messaging.

• One of the biggest reasons for using text messaging is that it is cost-effective. Compared to other marketing strategies, it is a low-cost strategy.

Using Text Message as a Business Strategy

Text messaging can be used as a business strategy by marketers. They can use text messages to engage with customers. This will help them communicate better with customers, which is ultimately the secret to marketing success.

The following are some ways in which marketers can use text messaging as a business strategy:

1) Text messaging for creating awareness

Marketers need to create awareness about their brand and their product. A simple way of doing this is by sending an introductory message. The text message can have information about your brand and what your offerings are. You can also send an introductory message in case you are launching a new product. This is an easy way to create awareness.

2) Run promotional campaigns online

The best way a marketer can use SMS is to run marketing campaigns online. Promotional campaigns can help in boosting sales, which is what marketers want. Sales promotions can help attract customers. Discount codes, vouchers, and other promotional offers can convince a customer to make a purchase. Promotional details can be sent through an SMS. If the customer is running an online store, a web link can be provided and the customer can be asked to click on the link to avail of the offer. Else, the customer can be asked to show the message to the cashier while visiting the store. This is a good way of making a customer visit the store. This is an excellent business strategy.

3) Send reminders and alerts

Reminders and alerts can be very helpful in ensuring effective engagement with customers. A customer may be interested in a product but may not have made a purchase. Sending reminders on the product availability or on any offers related to the product can help in ensuring a sale. Similarly, reminders on payment of subscription fees, reminders to book a service appointment, etc. can be sent. Alerts can be sent about bills pending, the last date to renew the contract, the last date for price change, etc.

4) Conduct contests and raffles

Contests and raffles are helpful in getting attention from prospective customers. If a contest message is sent more customers are likely to respond in the hope of getting a prize. They can be given a discount voucher encouraging sales of the product. Raffles can also help in engaging better with customers.

5) Use messaging for interaction

An SMS is not merely for one-way communication. It can be used to interact with customers. Keywords can be used and when a customer replies using the keyword, automated messages can be sent to provide information. Any query sent can be replied to using SMS. This ensures better engagement and customers would appreciate an immediate response. SMS can also be used to provide service, receive complaints and problems, and get feedback. This is a great way to ensure customers are satisfied.

Text messaging can change your business strategies. You can now spend lesser to get better results. Using text messaging will help you engage in a better way with your customers. This will help in improving sales. This is why all marketers need to start adopting this simple and convenient strategy to engage with customers.

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