How SMS Marketing Helps To Increase The Sales Of Your Brand In 2021?

In 2021, there are many challenges that brands need to face. These challenges arise out of the uncertain situation that has come up due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdowns and social distancing norms have affected many businesses. If you are running a business, you need to redouble your efforts to get more sales. There are many strategies that can be used. Most of them are either expensive or there is no guarantee that they will produce results. In such a situation, SMS marketing is a strategy that can be helpful in increasing sales of your brand.

If you are planning to use SMS marketing to increase the sales of your brand, then the following tips will be very helpful.

1) Exclusive offers

One of the best ways to increase sales is through exclusive offers to customers by SMS. You can send a text message to your database of customers providing an exclusive offer. The offer can include a discount code, voucher, buy one get one free, or any other such offer. This offer must be projected as exclusive for the customer. This can be done by personalizing the SMS by including the name of the customer. This can be done easily by using SMS marketing software. This kind of offer is a must for loyal customers to reward their loyalty. When given to new customers, the same offer can encourage loyalty.

2) Encourage visits to the store

The SMS marketing strategy should aim to encourage visits to the store. If your business has an online store, you can send a web link to the customer by SMS. The message can contain a special discount code. By clicking on the link, they can activate the discount when they make a purchase online. This encourages customers to visit the e-store. If the store is offline, the message can contain a discount voucher. The message can state that the customer can show the message to the cashier to avail of the offer. These messages can encourage customers to visit the store. The more visits by customers, the higher is the chance of making sales.

3) Conducts contests or raffles

A fun activity that everyone loves is a contest. The contest can be a quiz or any other activity where customers are encouraged to participate. Winners can be given products for free. All participants can be given a discount coupon. This is a good way to encourage customers to reply to the message. This will help create a database that can be used by sales executives. Similarly, a raffle can be conducted to give prizes. These activities are helpful in creating customer interest.

4) Use a call to action

For an SMS to be effective, it must contain a call to action (CTA). The CTA should be presented in such a way that it creates urgency and makes the customer make a sale. For example, at the end of the message, the CTA can be included that says ‘offer open for 24 hours only’. Alternatively, you can use, ‘Available for first 100 customers only’ or ‘Open only this weekend’. These kinds of CTA statements can help get sales as they would be attractive.

5) Offer services through SMS

To boost sales, service can be offered through SMS. Whenever customers need to avail of services from your business or have a query to be answered or a problem to be solved, they can send it through SMS. You can use keywords that can be used by the customers to book a service appointment or ask a question. The software you use for SMS marketing can process such messages and send auto-responses. This is a good way to keep customers happy. This ensures the customer will remain loyal and you can expect repeat sales. Even new customers would be happy with this kind of instant service option and this would be a factor that can help attract new customers.

6) Use for follow up and to send alerts

To ensure increased sales, follow-up is a must. Customers generally don’t like follow-up through phone calls. A follow-up done over SMS can be more effective. The message can act as a gentle reminder to complete the sale. Apart from follow-up messages, alerts and notifications can be sent through SMS. These include reminders to pay bills, delivery schedules, notification for dispatch of the product, etc. Such alerts help you keep in touch with customers, ensuring proper engagement.

The tips and guidelines mentioned above are simple and easy to implement. They are proven in terms of their effectiveness and many organizations have successfully implemented them. Your business can also benefit from it. All you have to do is subscribe to an SMS marketing service. Once this is done, you can start sending messages immediately to promote your brand.

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