How Small Business Compete with a Larger Business using SMS Marketing

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One of the major advantages small businesses have over larger businesses is the closer connection they often get when dealing with customers, consumers and direct employees within the company.

This is also a very essential factor for the growth of any Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SME).

Thus, leveraging techniques like these, small businesses are always advised to adopt SMS marketing when it comes to communicating and closing deals with both customers and employees in their workspace.

The truth’s that, it’s really hard to beat any big business at their own game. They have all the financial requirements and technical knowhow to push you out the market in an instance.

This is why small businesses often stick to strategies like these, while they work to scale up on their marketing techniques with time.

How Small Businesses Can Compete with Larger Businesses Using SMS Marketing

Now, the first possible question you might be asking yourself right now is – Can I really afford this? Or, is SMS marketing the right call for my business at this very early stage?

But still, out of all these numerous and troublesome questions, there’s a solution – SMS marketing works!

When it comes to competing with the very bigger businesses in your industry, SMS marketing might just be the best possible solution for you to use to succeed.

Thus, here are the following ways that small businesses have an advantage over bigger businesses via SMS marketing:

  1. Resourcefulness
  2. Significant ROI
  3. Multiple integration functionalities
  4. Closer connection to customers
  5. And lots more…

#1: Resourcefulness

When working with SMS marketing tools like TXTImpact, you’ll come to notice its many advantages when it comes to an easy set up process and extensive functionalities.

While setting up the software won’t take you more than an hour to complete, even for a complete novice, it still takes you a few hours in a week to learn how to completely use the entire software.

Our software lets you create multiple promotional content for all your SMS marketing campaigns, while still being able to schedule each campaign to the best suit all your customers’ needs and preference.

You can also monitor the progress of each of your SMS marketing campaigns to see which is actually performing much better than the other, and document all necessary analytics for further studies.

You are also given full access to your own private world – your personal/company’s mobile phone or direct telephone number.

#2: Significant ROI

For even the cheapest amount, you can get the very best conversions on all your SMS marketing campaigns.

Now, just think of it this way – would you rather sit back and watch your competitors (the much bigger businesses in your industry) beat you at their very own game, or just adapt to a solution that has already been proffered to you by the professionals?

SMS marketing offers small business owners some of the very best reportable ROI on all their marketing spending and budget.

For instance, let’s say you decide to join the TXTImpact community of successful entrepreneurs today, after which, you decide send your very first SMS marketing campaign.

Using the already available tools on our platform, you are able to track the progress of this your marketing campaign; helping you to further decide the best possible approach to structure your next marketing campaigns for the most conversions and a higher ROI.

In fact, most users on our platform attest to an average read rate of 94% on each of their SMS marketing outreaches, with an average response rate of 35%.

#3: Multiple Integration Functionalities

TXTImpact lets you the ability to integrate multiple marketing channels and functionalities across your mobile marketing.

The key to any mobile marketing campaign done right is opt-in. Thus, as a way to get users directly to your SMS marketing campaign list, you’ll need to leverage different marketing channels to actually get them interested in what you have to offer them.

Marketing channels such as social media, email newsletters, direct mail, and lots more are all needed to achieve this, and with TXTImpact, all these are made accessible quite easily.

In fact, smaller businesses are in a much better position for all these. Being more agile, with a much greater control of the company, small business owners can easily position themselves to attract the attention of potential prospects easily via any of the available marketing channels listed above.

#4: Closer Connection to Customers

Being a small business, gives you a direct connection with all your customers, but with the help of SMS marketing, all these can be achieved pretty easy and efficiently.

With this, you’d be able to learn all about your customers, attend to their everyday needs, and understand all their frustrations as it relates to your business and operations.

It’s so sad that small businesses often joke around about their ability to offer better customer services to customers than bigger companies.

SMS marketing as a whole helps small businesses provide a much more personal and customized experience to all their customers, which can be a really advantageous strategy to implement when competing larger businesses.

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