How Does Mobile Marketing Help to Promote Your Business?

Mobile marketing is the use of a mobile phone to carry out marketing. While the mobile phone can be used to make telephonic calls, a more effective way of using the mobile phone is to send messages. SMS or short message service in an inbuilt feature in mobile phones where messages (of length 160 characters) can be sent to any mobile phone user. These messages are effective since they reach instantaneously and do not need internet connectivity to work.

Mobile users do not prefer to receive telephonic calls from businesses. They prefer receiving messages. This has been proved by studies that reveal the following facts:

• On average, Americans check their mobile phones 47 times a day. Youngsters in the age group 18-24 check their phones nearly 82 times a day.

• 97% of all users definitely read messages they receive, even if it is sent by a business.

• The effectiveness of SMS messages is much higher than email marketing and is 46%.

This is why SMS Marketing is effective and businesses can use it to reach out to customers. The messages they send have a high likelihood of being read. If the strategy used is correct, then have a high chance of engaging with customers to promote their business.

The following explains how a business can use Text Message marketing to promote their business in an effective way:

1) Have an updated database on hand

It is important to have a database of customers, leads, and inquiries. The database should have mobile numbers and should be used to send messages. It is important that the database must be updated. If the database is not updated, then the messages may not go to the right recipient. This is why any changes in customer/inquiry details must be updated on time.

2) Use software to send messages

Group Texting can be sent using the mobile phone. Sending multiple messages is easier if done using the software. The software can be used to send messages to any number of customers with the click of a mouse. Apart from sending promotional messages to all customers, personalized messages can be sent. Messages can also be sent to specific customers or customer segments, making it easy to run targeted campaigns. The message can also explain how a customer can decide to opt-out of receiving messages. This will ensure compliance with legal norms.

3) Run a promotional campaign

It is easy to run a promotional campaign by sending an online text message to customers. The message can contain details of a new product launch, offer, discount, or any such scheme aimed at promoting a business. The message can use a code using which customers can reply and avail of the offer. A link to the website can be sent in the message and the customer can use this link to buy online, availing the offer. Using such a link can be helpful in tracking the effectiveness of the promotional campaign.

4) Using location-based campaigns

Certain software can be used to track the geographical location of a mobile user. The software can then send messages to the customer informing of stores nearby that offers products the customer is looking for. This is a powerful way of using mobile marketing. When the customer walks nearby your store, he/she can get a message informing you that your store is nearby and he/she can purchase a particular product. This is an effective way of promoting a business.

5) Interactive messaging

Short codes or message codes can be used for interactive messaging. The Business Text message can send a code or keyword for the customer to use. For example, the keyword can be OFFR. If the customer replies to the message with this keyword, then the software can send additional information about the offers/product/service. The use of keywords can help in interacting with customers. It can be even used to get feedback from the customer.

6) Update the customer

SMS can be used to update customers on the status of their inquiry, orders, complaints, suggestions, etc. The moment a customer places an order, the order confirmation can be sent through SMS. Order tracking can also be done through SMS. The status of the order right from placing the order until delivery can be done through SMS. Customers can also get updates on the maintenance of the product, post-product service, warranty details, the status of their complaints, etc. This is very effective in engaging with the customer and is helpful for a business.

For a business, marketing through text messaging is highly effective in terms of results that can be achieved and in terms of cost-effectiveness. If you are running a business, all you need is a text messaging software and a database of customers, you can easily use SMS to promote your business.

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