How Can We Receive MMS Through Email Service?

With the rapid growth in technology, you can now receive MMS messages through an email service also. To send MMS, now you do not need to have a proper carrier network, full internet network or a mobile number also, as you can easily send MMS messages by email service. This is very useful for sending bulk MMS messages or a particular MMS message from a computer or laptop.

To get more clarity on the concept, first, let us know a few what is MMS.

What is MMS?

MMS is the short form of a multi-media messaging service. It is an end-to-end solution that enables businesses to render a good MMS experience to its customers. It is now possible to combine texts, pictures, animations, videos, photos and even audio to your MMS, making it an ultimate messaging experience.

An MMS can be a photo or a picture postcard added with a text or/and an audio clip, photo, text or video clip. It can also be just an image or a drawing with a text message. Now you can send MMS messages through Email using one of the many applications available online. You can easily send MMS messages through any email carrier such as lotus notes, Gmail, yahoo, outlook or others. You can easily receive MMS messages on your email inbox. The benefit of sending MMS and receiving MMS through email service is that you can connect with your clients using messaging service from your mobile with videos and photos from your computer. You can also archive the messages, search them and also carry on with your other communication with your clients over email.

How can you send a picture message using email to the phone?

Sending picture messages from an email is now simple, easy and also quite reliable. You can choose any application that provides such a feature such as the TXTImpact, and then simply convert your email messages with attachments into an MMS messaging. You can then deliver it to the recipient’s mobile phone. Using email clients like Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail or others, it is possible to send an MMS. With the help of an email-2-MMS facility, you also get the opportunity to send MMS from any application that is not accessible from the web. Most APIS offered by service providers need the pictures and videos to be hosted on a public server, but sometimes, this is not possible for developers to upload a picture and video on a web server and then call the provider API to submit the request with the uploaded pictures URL to deliver the picture messages.

With the help of email to MMS, the developer can send emails with pictures and video attachments which are then delivered as picture messages MMS to mobile phones. The advantage of sending MMS messages from an email is that it enables you to communicate with your customers using MMS messages right from your computer at the same time, also archiving the messages for future reference.

Who can use MMS to Email service?

• The Call centers
• Help desk
• Law firm
• Insurance agents
• Mortgage agents
• Realtors

The insurance claim adjuster can take pictures of damaged properties and send it as an MMS to back offices for processing. If the agent needs a client to take the pictures and also send them back to the office, MMS through email is a good service. You just need to set up a virtual number or a shortcode where the customers can send the text messages with pictures from their mobile phones and then we can forward all the attached pictures and their messages to the given email address. It is not that only smartphones can send and receive MMS. The truth is that even normal featured phones having a camera can send and receive MMS messaging. Most mobile subscribers can send and receive video or picture MMS on their mobile phones.

Step by Step instructions

Here are the steps on how to text to email:

  1. Turn on your text message application
  2. Enter the recipient's email address instead of their phone number
  3. Compose your text
  4. Send

It’s really that simple. Your carrier will convert the text message to an email.

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