How Business Owners Boost Their Sale Using Text message Integration with TXTImpact

A Text message is an effective way of communication where short messages can be sent to mobile phone users. It is a non-intrusive way of communication and is hence preferred by customers for marketing communication. If you are a business owner, then you can use text messaging to reach out to your customers. You can run a marketing campaign, send them updates, help them track order status, provide resolution to grievances, and even conduct a customer survey using SMS. This makes SMS a powerful tool for business owners.

SMS Marketing is easy to implement. All that is required is a database of customers and a software-based solution like TXTImpact for business text marketing services. TXTImpact offers a variety of services ranging from mass texting service to SMS autoresponder and SMS polling. Apart from all these services, there is another option to boost sales, which is text message integration. This allows you to use external integration, so you can take your sales to the next level.

Text integration – How it works?

Integrations allow you to tap into the full potential of text marketing. It allows you to integrate text messaging with other software applications, so you can boost your sales and achieve the best results. The following are some of the top software applications that you can integrate with TXTImpact:

1) Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the leading CRM software applications. If you are using Salesforce, you can integrate it with text messages. You can get numbers from the Salesforce database and use it in the TXTImpact list to send messages. You can import e-mail IDs from Salesforce and include them in the message along with the contact’s name. This will allow you to personalize the business text messages that you send to customers. You can even use keywords and shortcodes and thus integrate leads from Salesforce with TXTImpact, allowing your SMS campaign to be more effective.

2) WordPress plugin

WordPress is the number one when it comes to the world of blogs. Like most internet users, you would also have used WordPress on your website to create attractive blogs. These blogs allow you to draw in online visitors. You can then integrate TXTImpact so that your customers can subscribe to your blog just by sending an SMS. You can use a shortcode for this. You can send text messages to all your blog visitors/subscribers to send them updates and reminders whenever you create a new blog. This is a great way of engaging with your blog followers, who can become your customers and fetch your sales.

3) Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the leading service desk software that service providers can use to manage service provided to customers. When customers report problems/complaints, you can create a service ticket through Zendesk and manage the entire issue until closure. Integrating with TXTImpact ensures your customers can raise tickets through SMS and need not login. Updates on the ticket status, reply to queries of customers, and details of resolution can be sent through SMS. This is highly convenient for your customers who can get their problems resolved by using SMS without requiring internet connectivity. This is ideal for customers who stay in rural/far-off areas with poor internet connectivity.

4) Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the leading email marketing service providers. You can now integrate the contacts in your Mailchimp list and use it in your text messaging service. You can easily import e-mail addresses that you have collected through text messages and add them to your Mailchimp list. You can allow your customers to send a message using a keyword that would add them to the Mailchimp list, so they can start receiving emails from you.

5) Facebook and Twitter integration

Social media is powerful and virtually all your customers are likely to be on Facebook and Twitter. It is very important for you as a business owner to reach out to your customers on social media. You can now do this easily by integrating TXTImpact with social media so that you can post content on Facebook and Twitter with a single message. Apart from regularly posting on social media, you can also schedule posts so you can plan this in advance. You can even manage more than one Facebook page through this integration.

6) RSA Authentication manager

If you need authentication in your business, then you would be using RSA authentication manager. You can now integrate it with TXTImpact so the token code needed for authentication can be delivered to the mobile number of the user through an SMS, enabling on-demand authentication.

TXTImpact allows you to get the best out of text messaging. You can use text messages along with other business applications to enhance your business. This will help your business increase its sales and achieve better results.

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