How are the Colleges Utilizing Text Messaging Alerts & Reminders?

The lives of educators, students, and prospective students are ever-changing and demand robust communication in order to fill in the gap. Well, you can utilize SMS and text messaging for various purposes other than only sending reminders and alerts. Let’s see the various applications of SMS.

1. Sharing important information with potential students:

Since disseminating important information is the most significant part of the gameplay, sending messages via texts can be the most convenient channel. You can put information regarding the test scores, potential majors, and also campus locations. You can fill in information reading reasons to apply, key information, and other deadlines like fee waivers. There could be directions towards how to access the important web pages. But the students would not like to learn from you all the time, so that has to be kept in mind.

2. SMS appointments for scheduling campus visits:

Suppose some student wants to visit the campus to know more about the University, then he can do so after receiving an SMS from the College committee. Well, the prospective student would know more about the campus and the various facilities inside it. You can use the SMS facilities for scheduling visits and meeting with the faculty. While the average person takes just 3 minutes to answer text messages, it’s much a better option than email or digital message.

3. Offering a real-time helpline:

By offering real-time help through the SMS opportunity, you can actually aid some aspiring students to know many things about the University There are many questions and information about the academic opportunities, campus culture, application requirements, and also regarding the financial aid which could be sorted by providing a proper link through text messages. By having a college SMS option, prospective students would be more interested to know in detail regarding the courses, programs, and the procedure to apply.

4. Providing application tips:

Every application needs to be unique. But the students need to know the checklists of requirement, and also mention their positive qualities in the essay mentioned. There have to be time management strategies that the students should emphasize. In one word, the University management should guide the student about the application and fulfilling requirements without missing any important ones.

5. Sending reminders for SMS and deadlines:

For the students, it might not be possible to keep a track of the deadlines for applications. Well, the college committee can send SMS respective mobile numbers so that they can hurry up with the process and application and submit it within the stipulated time. In fact, exam schedules and reminders about the submission of assignments are also met through text messages.

6. Answering questions about student enrolment with text messaging:

Suppose you as the College Head has been bestowed with the responsibility of attracting students towards your esteemed university, you would like to be engaged with students through various channels. You can send links to the students with the sole purpose of enrolment. Enrolling students via text messages is helpful and can be resourceful as well.

7. Gaining feedback on the campus events along with surveys by text messages:

Every time, whenever you have an event in the college, you will ask for feedback from the students attending it. Well, this might be in the form of mail, a review in the social media or might be even by text messaging. You can set a sequence where they can rate the event and also put personal comments on how the event was. You will get great feedback that might help in planning any event in the future, absolutely flawless.

8. Collecting student’s pledges for the purpose of fundraising:

You may send text messages to the seniors who left colleges, asking for a bit of contribution towards any fundraising event. During graduation, there are many students who vow to be in touch and seldom look back, all due to their commitments towards life. As the President of the student’s union club, you can text them and ask for any requirement, rather than mailing or sending notices. People are attached to phones and rarely check emails and notices. This is a way to utilize the text messages and be in touch with the college alumni.

According to a study, 84% of students use smartphones and are very prone to checking messages and alerts. Hence, for an educator or an Institute, it’s easier to send SMS for being in touch with the student. Moreover, during this COVID era, when education is mostly online, it’s easier to send text for being in touch with the student and disseminate important information. But you have to keep in mind that the message should be brief and to the point. Unnecessary and lengthy messages would only spoil the interest and cause irritation. Well, there should be an option to withdraw from the messaging system, thereby making life comfortable.

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