Get Better Business Text Messaging Results by Following 6 Simple Steps

With a 98% open rate, SMS marketing is a promising marketing strategy for any business. However, it is not as simple as it may sound. You can’t just wake up one day and start sending people text messages regarding your brand and expect things to work out. On the contrary, there is a need to understand how the strategy works best.

If you want to take advantage of the billions of people who send and receive trillions of messages annually, you need to follow several steps. Failure to follow them may hinder you from realizing the full potential of your marketing campaign. So, without further ado.

let’s learn the six simple yet effective steps to get better business text messaging results.

1. Seek consent

As much as statistics state that text messages have a high openrate, it is crucial to appreciate that it is simply an average figure. Some marketing campaigns get up to 100%, whereas others get a lower percentage. One way of ensuring that yours is on the higher side is by sending texts to people who will most likely open. That’s where asking for people’s permission comes in. if someone has already permitted you to send them messages, it is a sign of interest. Therefore, there are high chances they will open it. So, please give them a choice to opt-in or opt-out.

2. Send Simple, Short and Sweet Messages

Many people lead busy lives. Therefore, they may not have the luxury of reading long messages from your company. That’s why it should be short so that they can get the message within the shortest time possible. It should be simple in such a way that its purpose is crystal clear. Ensure that words such as an event, RSVP, discount, sale and offer stand out. Besides that, the call-to-action should be clear with the benefit well outlined. Preferably, write them in capital letters. Since you want to communicate, avoid jargon and unpopular acronyms.

3. Send messages at the right time

At first, it may be hard to identify the best time to send messages to your recipients. That’s why you need to try sending them at different times. Be keen to note the time when recipients respond the most. Once you do, then that’s the best time to send your messages. In case of an event, sending the information too early may be unwise. After all, there are high chances of forgetting it altogether under such circumstances.

As you send the messages, remember that the wrong frequency may damage the response despite sending it at the right time. No subscriber wants to get your message every minute. In fact, most of them find even daily messages annoying. You have to strike a balance between avoiding both spamming and neglecting your customers concurrently. There is a rule limiting the number of monthly messages to between 4 and 6. Ensure you don’t send more than two messages in a week.

Nevertheless, consistency is vital. Also, keep in mind that less is more when it comes to business text messaging. Otherwise, you will become a nuisance leading to customers opting out of your messages.

4. Don’t isolate other marketing options

As effective as a text messaging campaign is, it shouldn’t be your only strategy. On the contrary, you can also use it to create awareness of your website or social media page. After all, they are also strategies that work wonders for business. Besides, the more the merrier since you get to reach many more people when using multiple mediums. However, go for link shortening when sharing these links. It becomes easy to read and leaves space for additional text.

5. Exclusivity

You are likely to get better business messaging results if the messages you send are exclusive to subscribers. The uniqueness is also essential lest you are mistaken for another fake or annoying company that spams. Avoid sharing the same information on social media platforms and other alternative mediums.

6. Analysis of the results

Most companies, if not all,have a way of analyzing your marketing campaign. It makes it easy to identify the best time to send messages. You are at liberty to experiment with new things then use the statistics to determine the best strategy.

Final Words

Business text messaging is a good marketing strategy for any business as long as it does it right. With the 6 simple steps, you can rest assured that the results will only get better. Identifying a solution is important but learning how to implement it effectively is equally important. For that reason, follow these promising guidelines to benefit from this excellentmarketing strategy. Failure to heed the advice could see the campaign do more harm than good. Never forget that the more potential customers you reach, the higher the chances of getting genuine buyers.

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