What Is the Future of SMS Marketing?

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SMS is a short messaging service available on all mobile phones. It allows people to send immediate and short messages to one another. The mobile carrier transmits the messages from one number to the other(s).

However, businesses don’t use the standard services offered by the carrier companies. They rely on third-party service providers to send bulk messages, customize the text for different audiences, and use landline numbers to send SMS messages.

Statistics show that SMS marketing has a great response rate in the market at 45%, while the clickthrough rate on SERPs is close to 35%. Moreover, 90% of the SMS messages are opened within three minutes. A report revealed that 97% of US citizens checked their phones at least once every day. In fact, a majority of the users spend around five hours per day on their phones.

In such instances, SMS marketing makes it easy to connect to a wide range of audiences and stay in touch with them. So, what can you be the future of SMS marketing in the business world? Will it continue to be effective, or will businesses have to rely on other marketing methods to promote their business?

We can say that SMS marketing will continue to deliver results for your business. However, you need to bring in a few changes to your marketing strategies and adopt new methods to make the most of SMS or text messaging services.

● Cost-Effective Solution for Small Businesses

SMS marketing will be an affordable marketing strategy for small businesses with a limited budget. Businesses can choose a service provider and price plan that suits their requirements. The business texting software is fully compatible with the existing systems and CRM solutions to manage all communication from a single interface. Small businesses can use text marketing in combination with other digital marketing strategies to create successful promotional campaigns.

● More Personalization

SMS messages are already personalized and include the customer’s name and details. However, personalization will become even more crucial in the future. For example, customer segmentation will be done after carefully considering different data analytical reports. The SMS message sent to a customer will be structured based on their purchasing behavior and past history with the business. Unique coupon codes can be created and shared with important customers with just a couple of clicks.

● Rich Communication Services

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a simple yet highly effective messaging protocol on smartphones. It allows a regular SMS or text message to be converted into an iMessage or WhatsApp message. It won’t be surprising to see RCS take over SMS messaging in the next few years. RCS will make it easy to send rich multimedia messages (MMS) the same way an SMS message is sent. The file quality will be superior through RCS.

● Conversational Messaging

SMS marketing will not be limited to sending promotional messages to the customers. While some businesses are already using SMS messages to provide customer services, the trend will become more common in the future. Furthermore, the tone of the messages will not be formal or rigid. It will be more casual, conversational, and informal but courteous. The conversational tone makes customers feel at ease and consider the business more as a friend or an acquaintance.

● Auto-Responders and Automation

Automation is already a part of the business industry. Automation is used in SMS marketing to send automated replies to customer messages. This is done in two ways. One method is to send a standard automated reply to each text by a customer so that they don’t feel ignored. Another method is to use artificial intelligence chatbots to respond to basic customer messages and provide them with appropriate solutions. Human customer service agents can step in and take control whenever necessary.

● Building Relationships

SMS marketing will be seen as a tool to build stronger relationships with customers and inspire brand loyalty. Communication will flow between the two parties, creating interpersonal relationships. From sending emergency messages to accepting donations, SMS messaging can be the go-to channel for interaction between a business and its customers.

● More Adoption of SMS Marketing

Businesses in the US are still adopting SMS marketing strategies to interact with their customers and target audience. The success of this marketing technique will increase the adoption rate and make SMS services an integral part of the business. Right now, the market is far from the saturation point. Businesses can expand into newer markets by using SMS messaging services.


TXTImpact has been providing business text messaging and SMS marketing services since 2006. We are a trusted service provider in the US with clients from various industries. We work with small, medium, and large businesses. Our SMS marketing services cover two-way communication, landline texting, bulk messages, and much more. Our services are cost-effective and tailor-made to suit varying business requirements.

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