Expanding Your Customer Reach Through Text Message Marketing

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Text message marketing is a cost-effective way to interact with customers and promote the business in the market. A study reveals that customers are 4.5x times more likely to respond to a text message from a business they know. Two-way SMS messages have increased business efficiency by 80%.

Text messaging is a great way to welcome new customers, interact with existing ones, and get feedback from dropped customers. It can be used for communication, promotion, customer service, and so on. Let’s look at how text message marketing can help businesses reach more customers and expand their business.

Types of Text Messaging Services


SMS is Short Message Service where instant messages are sent to a person’s phone number. Since every mobile phone has an option to receive and send SMS messages, it offers a wide reach in the target market.

● Two-Way Texting

It’s not enough for businesses to text their customers. Text messaging will deliver results when customers can send messages to businesses and have a two-way interaction.

● Mass Texting

Mass texting or bulk messaging software allows businesses to send messages to several customers at once. It provides businesses with substantial time, effort, and cost savings.

● Landline Texting

Landline Texting is a feature that allows businesses to use their existing landline number to send and receive SMS messages. There’s no need to get another contact number for the business.

How Text Message Marketing Brings More Customers

Text messaging for business is versatile and can be used for various scenarios. Though people aged between 18 and 34 are more responsive to text messages, it is just as effective for all target age groups.

● Customer Support Texting

Offering customer services through text messages is also a form of marketing. Wouldn’t it be easy if the customer service agent can reply to a message instead of answering a call? The same agent can converse with more than one person simultaneously when chatting, while it is not possible if they have to answer calls. Using text messaging for customer service has been proven to reduce the response time and increase customer satisfaction.

● MMS for Product Promotions

A text message doesn’t have to be limited to simple text. It can include images, gifs, or short video clips. Such messages are known as MMS messages and are usually more attractive. Businesses can use multimedia with text when promoting new product releases. Sharing a visual of the product will create more interest in the customers. MMS messages have a higher forwarding/ sharing rate.

● Texting Contests & Giveaways

Text message marketing can make texting more exciting for the customers. Business owners can launch limited period contests and giveaways where participants have to send a text message to the business and opt-in to receive promotional SMS. There can be a lucky draw and a winner who gets a discount or a gift hamper. Businesses can create different contests around text messaging services.

● SMS Polls & Surveys

People don’t like to fill out survey formsand pages of polls in person. They don’t have the time and patience for it.However, they can find time to complete a quick SMS survey. That’s because they don’t have to stay back at the store. An SMS survey can be answered from any location and at any time. It is easy and convenient. Moreover, businesses can use SMS surveys to collect user data.

● Automated SMS Workflow

Business text messaging is a streamlined process. Third-party service providers offer software solutions and integrations to connect their texting platform to the existing business systems. This saves time for the employees as they can schedule messages in bulk, personalize the content for each customer segment, and respond to customer messages from the same interface. Automating SMS workflow allows businesses to provide better customer service and thus increase their market share.

● Integrate Text Marketing with Other Strategies

Text message marketing doesn’t have to be a standalone campaign. It can be integrated with other strategies to increase the reach and visibility of the business. For example, a business can send text messages to customers with a link to a social media post or a website blog. This will increase website traffic and brings followers to the social media pages.

● Follow Up Messages

One of the most simple and effective ways to retain customers and increase the customer base is by sending appropriate follow-up messages to ensure that the order is complete and the feedback loop is closed.

Final Words

TXTImpact is a leading service provider for business text message marketing in the US. We have been working with several businesses since 2006 and have clients from different industries. From real estate to nonprofit to governmental and large enterprises, we work with diverse establishments to help them use text message marketing to achieve their goals.

Expanding Your Customer Reach Through Text Message Marketing.jpg
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