Create a Personalized SMS Marketing Campaign Using ZIP Codes

A significant key in reaching, connecting, and retaining consumers is the use of a mass text messaging platform.

Text message marketing not only enables you to generate leads but grants you the ability to make connections with customers using a proper communication channel. To have a successful SMS marketing campaign, you need to use the right metadata points to enable you to reach a broad audience.

Of course, the choice of verification tool or metadata point is going to be determined by your campaign needs.

So, that means you should use one that fits you best.

If you're looking for location-based opportunities, one of the most useful metadata points to run your ZIP Code.

The use of geo-targeting by ZIP Codes is what enhances the efficiency of your campaign. Therefore, you need to figure out ways in which you can use your customer's ZIP Code to make the art of SMS messaging even more functional.

1. Using the ZIP Code to locate destinations in real-time

This is particularly appropriate in conditions where a consumer might see an ad and want to know where they can find the product. If they have your SMS texting number, they can send a text to your business which will then use their ZIP Code to determine the location of the store closest to them.

To achieve this, you will need to have a list of ZIP Codes for the locations of interest. You will then request the user for their ZIP Code after they text you, after which you will look for the location of the store near that zip code, and then respond to them in real-time.

You could go a step further in making this service more convenient by adding links to the map of the location.

You could also send them coupons to the location which would work well in directing more traffic to the store.

Geo-fencing can quickly add up to your operational costs. An excellent way to go around it would be to request your users to give you their precise addresses. With this data, you will find them a store much faster and cheaper. Ensure that you record this information to make your text message marketing even more effective.

2. Use the ZIP Code as the original keyword that the consumer texts.

This will allow you to statistically account for and map the users in a particular location. Knowing this data could assist your operations in many ways.

First, it will help you segment your market for a specific area. You will then incorporate this information into your text messaging platform to customize your texts accordingly.

The thing that makes ZIP Codes such a useful and important metadata point is the fact that you can quickly verify them. Not only are you able to find validation of it being a ZIP Code due to the five-digit number string, but you can immediately verify that they exist. You can then match these ZIP Codes to locations of stores within a particular state.

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