Business Text Messaging For Real Estate In 2021

Business text messaging is a powerful marketing strategy used by companies to enhance their business. It involves the use of text messages or SMS to engage with customers. This constant engagement ensures companies can market their services effectively, helping to improve their business. Companies from all types of sectors are using text messaging effectively. The real estate sector has also adopted business text messaging. In 2021, with many challenges facing the sector, business text messaging can help real estate companies improve their business prospects.

Why use business text messaging?

There are many benefits of text messaging for businesses. These benefits explain why companies should start using SMS as a business strategy.

• SMS is cost-effective. It costs a small fraction of the expenses that would be incurred for other forms of marketing.
• SMS is effective because it can read by any mobile user. It does not require internet connectivity nor does it require a smartphone.
• A text message is read by 97% of recipients within 3 minutes. This increases the chance of marketing messages being received and read.
• The response rate of marketing text messages is 46%. This is higher than email marketing.
• More than 86% customers in a study said that they preferred receiving marketing messages through SMS, since it was non-intrusive.

Business text messaging for real estate companies

A real estate company depends on customers for business. Customers need to be informed about properties on sale, deals, showings, etc. SMS can be used for this effectively. Using text messaging can help reach out to more customers. This is beneficial for real estate companies and agents. The following are some guidelines that tell you how to use business text messaging effectively in the real estate sector.

1) Generating leads through SMS

SMS can be used to generate leads. This can be done by sending text messages to people interested in real estate. This database can be collected from different sources. It can include details of people visiting exhibitions, websites, etc. Once a database of interested persons is obtained, an introductory message can be sent. This message can introduce the real estate firm and explains its services offered and any special offers. A link to the website can also be given in this message. Such messages can contain a request asking them to reply with ‘Yes’ if they are interested. This will help build a database of leads, which can be used by the sales team.

2) Update real estate listing

The listing or the collection of properties on sale is the mainstay of real estate firms. This listing keeps getting updated as and when new properties are added or any data related to a property is updated (eg: price reduced or increased). All such updates should be sent to customers. Once people have shown interest in the real estate firm, their details must be added to a database. SMS can be sent to everyone in this database updating them about new properties for sale, etc.

3) Invite for showing

A property showing is where the real estate firm invites customers to visit the property. They can visit the property and see it for themselves. The real estate firm representative would be available to show the property and answer any queries. Whenever such showings are held, an SMS can be sent to all interested customers. This SMS can be personalized by including the name of the customer. Such a personalized invitation is more likely to get a response.

4) Offer specific services

Messages can be sent requesting customers to list the properties they want to sell. Potential buyers can be sent messages requesting them to let the company know about their requirements, so they can be suggested properties that meet their needs. Keywords can be used to make this message more effective. For example, if the keyword INFO is sent by a customer, more information about the property can be sent, like a link to a webpage containing details or even photographs and videos. If the keyword CALL is sent, then a sales executive can call the customer.

5) Interact with customers

Text messaging is not one way messaging. It can be used for two-way communication. Software can be used to automate responses to clients, thus saving on time and manpower. Any query sent by the customer over SMS can be answered by an executive, improving engagement.

If you are in the real estate sector, it is time you start using text messaging. This is a simple and cost-effective tool that can help you reach out to more customers and engage with them. Using this tool is easy. You can subscribe to SMS marketing software and have a database with you. Messages can be sent to your customers at the click of a mouse. You can taste the fruits of success in 2021 by using text messaging.

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