Benefits Of Text Message Marketing In Your Small Business

Texting, one of humanity’s greatest feats of ingenuity in the world of communication. With millions of text messages being sent and received every day, why shouldn’t you as a small business owner use the power of texting to get into contact with your customers?

Using text marketing in small businesses has many benefits

1. Affordable

  For most text messages service companies, each text would have a standard value like credits and would have a recurring billing cycle. Online advertising, TV advertising, even larger advertising outdoors like billboards and posters are very expensive. Especially getting larger packages or more premium options, costs become enormous. Text Marketing is a fraction of the cost of other marketing strategies. SMS Marketing is a great tool for non-profit organizations as it doesn’t require much work to set up and does not cost as much to start and maintain.  

2.High Viewing Rate

According to Mobile Marketing Watch, nearly 98% of texts are read. No other marketing strategy has viewing rates as high as these. The closest would be an advertisement on TV during a big event. With everyone having phones and always texting it would be hard to miss a marketing SMS. With low costs, as a business, you would have a high ROI with constant engagement with customers  

3. Universal

Everyone has a phone. Texts work on any type of mobile device. From flip phones to smartphones, texts are sent and received. Push out to thousands of users using Mass Texting to get the most users in the smallest amount of time. After receiving a notification sound, chances are the individual will check as it could be from anyone.

4. Personal Connection

This is the only form of marketing that gets the closest to customers while also keeping a moderate distance to feel comfortable. Sending messages once a day won’t be a burden as an individual spends hours looking at their phone. Moreover, Text Marketing companies allow for customer support through texting making sure customers get the help they need in the most convenient way possible.  

5. Speed and Flexibility

Text Messages are sent at lightning speeds with barely any hesitation. Once you click send, it is delivered and received within a second. TXTImpact offers to schedule for messages so that processes become automated and become more flexible to the company. Text Marketing could also be used for customer service, activities, even push different platforms to customers like social media or new devices. SMS marketing is very versatile and allows for nearly total customization with editing auto-responses, drip messages, or even making templates. Don’t manually text every customer from your phone and receive thousands of responses. Use TXTImpact easy to use UI to send all of your texts to customers or employees keeping communication organized and simple.

6. Opt-out

Everyone hates spam. Why should we submit our customers to unnecessary spam? At TXTImpact we take spam very seriously, we have no tolerance policy the spam

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