What are the Benefits of Sending Delivery Service Text Messages?

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Text messaging is a part of business communication these days. From sending transactional notifications to providing customer service, a lot can happen through text messages. Businesses use SMS/ text marketing at every stage of the customer’s journey.

Text message marketing is convenient, cost-effective, and easy to use. All you need is reliable business texting software to integrate with your existing systems and contact database. The rest is streamlined and automated by the service provider.

But why should you send delivery messages through texts? What are the benefits of using text messages to provide delivery services to customers? Let’s find out.

Types of Delivery Service Text Messages

Before we read about the benefits, let’s take a quick look at the different types of delivery service text messages a business can send to its customers.

● Order Confirmation Messages

These messages are sent to the customers after they place an order. This may or may not include the payment details. It has the order number for further tracking.

● Shipping Updates

These text messages are sent to inform the customers that their order has been processed and dispatched. It contains the order number and the possible delivery date.

● Real-Time Delivery Updates

These messages inform the customer that their orders will arrive on a particular day between the given timings. The message includes codes/ OTP the customer should share with the delivery personnel to complete the transaction. It can also have the payment amount for Pay-on-Delivery orders.

● Delivery Confirmation Messages

These messages are sent after you receive the order and complete the transaction. It is to update customers that the order has been fulfilled. This helps customers track the orders even if they are not at the location. For example, the customer will know that someone has received their order on their behalf and contact that person to confirm.

● Returns and Refunds

Businesses aim to reduce the return percentage to minimize losses. However, some returns cannot be stopped. You can use text messages to update the customer about their return order. From sharing information about the return process to confirming that you received the package, and updating them about the refund amount, send a text message at each stage to keep the customer up to date.

● Cart Abandonment Updates

Customers leave items in the cart and exit the page. Sometimes, they come back to buy, and sometimes they don’t. Sending a reminder text message about the pending items in the cart can reduce the cart abandonment rate and increase sales.

Benefits of Sending Delivery Service Text Messages

● Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customers want to know about their orders, and what can be a better way to keep them in the loop? Text messages have a high opening rate. These are nonintrusive and work on any mobile phone. Keeping customers updated about their orders and deliveries will increase customer satisfaction and business credibility.

● Easy Communication

Text messages are a convenient form of communication. The 160-character limit helps you keep the message to the point. There are templates for each delivery message. You can customize them and send delivery service updates in bulk. You can also set up two-way communication to allow customers to reply to the messages.

● Cost-Effective Marketing

Sending transactional and delivery service text messages is also a way to market your business. You send useful information instead of directly promoting the products/ services. You can even add a URL to the website mentioning that customers can check out the latest products/ deals by opening the link.

● Better Feedback Ratio

Feedback and reviews help a business become better and attract more customers. Using text message services for delivery updates can increase the feedback ratio as customers find it easy to provide feedback through SMS. You can ask them to reply to the message with the feedback code (or include a URL).

● Improved Tracking and Analytics

Data analytics is essential for every business. Data is collected in real-time to send delivery updates to customers. The same data can be processed using analytical tools to measure the efficiency of the business. This data is also useful for understanding customer behavior and segmenting them correctly into different categories.

● Automation and Customization

Automation and customization are two prominent keywords in today’s market. Delivery service text messages can be automated using business texting software. Your employees won’t be manually sending the updates to customers. The content of the messages can be customized to suit your business.

TXTImpact is a USA-based business texting software and service provider for small and medium-scale organizations. We work with clients from various industries like hospitality, retail,real estate, governmental, religious, nonprofit, and many more. Our business texting software and services are customizable, reliable, and affordable.

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