Why Text Marketing with advertising? improves response to current advertising/direct response marketing efforts. the direct marketing association reports that response to Text Marketing ranges between 12 and 27%. our sms marketing system captures mobile number and stores in a database for future marketing. provides the ability to remarket to an already opted-in and interested customer with the potential for multiple

messaging/marketing opportunities. the sms marketing system has numerous mechanisms to tracking responses per campaign to measure effectiveness and roi. almost 40% of u.s. adults already prefer text message advertising to television or radio. over 94% of text messages are read. Text Marketing has a 43% message recall rate.

make your advertsing "interactive"! get your prospects to send you a text message, and measure the effectiveness of your ads. you can measure effectiveness of ad by measure number of opt-ins from different sources. if you putting ad in papers, radio or tv, may be billboards, plan to include text message opt-in keyword in all your advertising material.

image this..

a person is sitting in restaurants having breakfast, reading the newspaper.

there's an ad for your mortgage company that says "text sam to 27126 for today's interest rates and more information." that person instantly gets back the latest rate, and you can follow-up with them in the future to help them with their loan. you can also judge the readership of your ad.

you can add your keyword to the radio & t.v. ads introduces the ability to have 2-way communication with the people you are trying to reach.

provide additional information about your business. "mobile sms marketing provides a unique opportunity to interact with customers, get product feedback, and create a direct response to a marketing message. "

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