9 Common Misconceptions About SMS Marketing

Are you having a business of your own and want to promote the services of products? Well, you may try SMS marketing
, the most convenient and rated method of promotion. According to a study, an SMS gets read within 3 minutes of getting delivered and regarded as one of the most trusted methods. But, there are some misconceptions about the same, which we are discussing for the sake of SMS users.

1. For the Millennials:

SMS texting is not only meant for the young generation who spends time over smartphones. It has been seen that almost 50% of the adult population who owns a smartphone, uses SMS for communicating with friends. Now, that even business owners have started using SMS as a means of communication, is very much convenient and innovative. Your business will adopt the method of smartphone usage and although 81% of users agree to the fact that being tied to a smartphone is rather frustrating.

2. Doesn’t perform:

People are in a belief that to reach your customers, you will have to send them E-mail and other forms of communication. But, it has been seen that emails are not read in maximum cases, and the reason is bad network. So, SMS is the best way to reach your customers and a study showing that SMS are ready in the least time, support the fact.

3. Customers need to have a smartphone:

Some people believe that SMS could be delivered only to people possessing smartphones. But, the use of short messages was prevalent much before smartphones came into existence. In fact, in some of the developed countries where senior citizens don’t use smartphones, rely in SMS and make sure they are read always. So, the connection of SMS being delivered to only smartphones is a farce.

4. Special app for expensive software:

Having expensive software for sending SMS’s is not a necessity. You can simply send the list of SMS to subscribers who are lesser in number by manual methods. You can send messages and then track the responses with the help of a spreadsheet against the email database. There is also a free version of numerous texts available which could be used. The weave has templates for several messages and also includes birthdays and reminders.

5. Impersonal and intrusive:

SMS is all about a personified message that could be delivered to the customer’s mobile. This is far better than sending a robotic message to thousands of databases that can or cannot be your clients. In fact, if anybody doesn’t like to receive messages he can opt to be out of it. There is nothing about being intrusive or impersonal but SMS is the best answer to mass communication.

6. Truly expensive:

Initially it looks like SMs marketing is very expensive and incurs huge costs to communicate with customers. But if you can avail of a bulk purchase of SMS providers that would expensive, but a lot more affordable. With SMS, you have a guarantee that it will reach your customers right in time.

7. Allows one-way communication:

Since SMS is sent to the customers and bombards their mobile with various coupons, offers, and discounts, this is often regarded as one-way communication. But in case you start sending links to websites and online offers, then it becomes an easy affair. Basically, the person receiving the SMS can enter the website and go through the various features of the company. He can interact with the given links and sign in to the offers and deals. So, looks like SMS is never a one-way communication but always a two-way process.

8. SMS marketing involves spam:

Since SMS is based on a database collected from sources, actually too many companies use the same to send their marketing communication and other messages. Now, this appears to be spam and a single receiver gets too many marketing messages. The marketing companies use mobile connections for bombarding messages. But, in case the user opts not to receive the messages, he can do so by simply a click of a button. Hence, it’s the choice of the receiver to get the messages or discard them.

9. Applicable for the big companies:

Looks like big companies have their own budget and can afford their own marketing and promotional strategy. They can send thousands of sms per day from the database they possess. But, this is a wrong notion. The SMS could be purchased from the agencies and that also at a very low rate. The agencies sell different packages to various companies, both big and small. Even an entrepreneur can buy SMS packages and send them to his customer base.

There are various templates suited for various purposes. Now, you can send those SMS’s to your customers depending on the situation and the purpose.

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