8 Things You Must Know About SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a popular tool for marketing and promoting businesses today. You must implement the SMS marketing strategy in the right way to ensure the best impact on the audience. There are 8 things that you must know about SMS marketing that will help you gain better insights on the campaigning efforts and reach out to a maximum number of customers effectively. They are:

#1 Cohort Prospects

If you plan to send the same message to every audience, it might not work out well for you. But can you curate messages for each customer or prospect? It is difficult and time-consuming, right? It is where the customer cohorts come into play. Creating cohorts of customers having similar app behavioral patterns will help you curate the text for SMS marketing for the cohorts.

#2 Timing is everything

If you can time your messages correctly, there are chances that you might reap better returns from the audience. The day and the time of the messages, need to be accurate for sending. For example, researchers say that it isn't a good item to send marketing texts on Friday evenings or weekends when people are more interested to spend personal time, neither is it a good idea on Mondays and Tuesdays when the workload is high as people try to set their week right. Wednesdays and Thursdays can be good options for implementing SMS marketing efforts.

#3 Set S.M.A.R.T targets

The significance of SMART here is:
• Specific: You need to decide what is the purpose of your SMS marketing strategy and focus on it for better results
• Measurability: The measurability of the SMS marketing strategy is essential.
• Achievable: Setting unrealistic goals does not make sense. You need to set achievable targets.
• Reliable: You need to set reliable targets for your SMS marketing strategy.
• Time Specific: Having time-specific incentives or offers draws the attention of the audience better and makes them opt for your services.

#4 Call-To-Action

In the SMS, you need to have a Call-To-Action button or option. It will let the customers know what exactly they are expected to do in the next couple of minutes. It makes the thought process and course of action easier for them.

#5 Say less for more impact

As space or characters available to you for the text is less, you need to be accurate with your content. Try to put in the maximum information in the most palpable form for the customers. If your message is to the point, the customers would read it through and follow the action you wish them to. 160 characters for SMS is a small space. If you can round up your marketing efforts within that, there is nothing more to ask of you.

#6 Simplicity is the Key

You might wish to say many things on the SMS but how you put them across is the key to a successful SMS marketing campaign. Do not use flowery language or complicated terms as it does not impress the customers. Be precise and simple in the words you use and let your customers know what you have to say lucidly.

#7 Ask for permission

To let the audience know that their opinion matters and is valued, ask for their permission. You should not end up spamming their inbox. Send the messages and keep 'opt-in', 'opt-out' options for customers to choose from. It will not only help you get in the good books of your prospects, but it will also allow you to understand which customers or prospects are genuinely interested in your products or services.

#8 Take the help of incentives and have expiry dates

Researches have shown that customers respond better when you offer them some incentives. As a result, you can use reminders, personalization, and privileges to buy into the prospects' good books. It helps to make a good impression on the customers and let them know what you have to offer. Having expiry dates on orders makes them more desirable for the prospects. This limited period offers will help your customers to understand which all customers are genuinely interested in your products or services. It is a good marketing effort that generates a lot of revenue for a lot of businesses.

You need to take measured steps when launching SMS marketing strategies for your businesses. Unplanned strategies will only create a mess for you. Get your team together, take inputs from each individual and bring out the best efforts of them. SMS marketing, if done the right way, will have the best impact and show traction. For all this, you need a good marketing team who knows what they are doing and make their efforts count in the growth of the company. SMS marketing has proved to be one of the most successful marketing efforts time and again.

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