7 Ways Your Company Can Use Text Messaging

The entertainment industry is largely dependent upon people coming and watching the shows. They usually spend a lot to create the shows and so in order to generate revenue, it is important that they can get maximum viewership. With the help of technology today, you can easily update your customers on upcoming shows so that they can book their seats in advance. Sending text messages service alerts, promos and trailers attract the audience too.

Entertainment shows can be a concert venue, theatre performance, a show at a club or a bar, or such others. Traditional methods like emails and billboards have lost their importance. Today, text messaging is a much preferred and better way to advertise your entertainment shows and get more customers. With the help of text messaging, you can easily promote your events and engage your customers.

Here are a few ways that SMS messaging can be used to run full houses in your entertainment shows:

1. Social Media

Everyone is hooked to digital media today. If you want maximum people to know about your upcoming show or event, send promotional ads, trailers, teasers, and offers on social media. Also add in your ‘buy tickets now’ links so that maximum people can buy your tickets easily online, by just clicking on the links. Those who are interested will also share your pages with their other friends and this way, you will get maximum viewership.

2. Follow-up with Customers

Once you have the numbers of your customers for your first event, make it a point to keep sending them text message updates for new and upcoming shows. This way, you can keep them in the loop with texting and they will always be alerted about your new events.

3. Use SMS Marketing to Send Promotional Offers

Promotional offers like ‘enjoy 10% off’ or ‘buy 2 tickets for the price of 1’, can be sent via SMS messages to attract audiences. You can this way get more customers to buy your tickets and this helps in boosting your sales.

4. Use Text Marketing to Promote Upcoming Shows

If you have some new shows coming up, you can send SMS messages to your clients, sending them the trailer, teaser, songs, or videos of the show. This excites the audience and also increases the chances of getting more ticket sales.

5. Provide Good Customer Service with Text Messaging

You can also send in alerts regarding food prices, food combo offers, drinks, some rules, and regulations while watching the shows, babysitting services, and such others to ensure that your customers are aware of all the facilities provided during the show. You can let them know about the surprise couple prizes, lucky draw announcement, and such others to attract them. Let them know that customer service is available for food and drinks too.

6. Use SMS messaging for Follow-up or Feedbacks

It is very important for you to know the reviews and feedback of your clients who have seen your show. Request them to send in their feedback in the text message that you have sent them. Such surveys usually take a minute on the phone and it is very easy to get feedback from the audience. This will help you to make changes, if any, for your upcoming shows or make improvisations as requested.

7. Launch exciting games and opportunities and let your customers know via SMS

If you have had a particularly great show, then you can arrange a meet with the stars, and send SMS alerts to your customers to let them know that their favorite star is available for a meeting.

SMS alerts, messages, and texts are a great way to boost your entertainment business. The prime requirement of this business is to let your customers know about your upcoming plans and SMS helps you do just that.

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