7 Unbelievable Text Message Marketing Statistics that Boost Your Business

Text Message Marketing is one of the most powerful yet cost-effective tools available to a marketer. The fact that virtually everyone has a mobile phone makes the sending of text messages to mobile phones a great marketing strategy. The best part of text messaging is that it can be sent to any kind of mobile and not just smartphones. It does not require internet connectivity and can be sent over the mobile network. This makes text marketing the preferred choice for marketers. If as a marketer, you are not using texting for marketing, you must start today.

The seven unbelievable text message statistics explain how text marketing can boost your business.

1) 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt

When you send a text message you need not wonder if the recipient will read it or not. The statistics are clear; studies show that 90% of all people who received text messages read it within 3 minutes of receiving it. This is why text message marketing is so popular. When you send a marketing message over the mobile network, there is a 90% chance that the customer will read it immediately. Even if a customer does not read the message immediately, the chances are very high that the message is read sometime later. This is what makes text messages perfect for marketing.

2) Text marketing has a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate

One of the most astounding statistics about text marketing is that there is a 98% chance that your message will be opened. 45% of the time, you can expect a response from the customer. This makes it a highly effective marketing technique to use. When you compare this with email marketing, you find that hardly 20% of people open marketing emails, and only 6% respond. This explains why you should start using text messaging for marketing.

3) 90% of customers would prefer a text message from marketers rather than phone calls

A phone call is intrusive. It disturbs the customer when he/she is working. This is why most customers do not receive marketing calls or even block them. Messaging is a different story altogether. It is non-intrusive as the customer has the option to view the message at any time. Customers find it easy to read messages and even reply while they are doing some other thing. This is why customers prefer text message marketing.

4) 70% of customers want their queries answered without talking to anyone

70% of customers prefer that they get replies to their queries without having to talk to someone. This is another reason for the success of text marketing. You cannot just send one-way messages to customers but can also interact with them. Customers can reply to messages and engage with a business. They can also use keywords to get immediate responses. This helps them get instant information without having to take to anyone.

5) 64% of customers view companies texting them positively

64% of customers who get messages from a company tend to view that company positively. When you send mass texts to customers, they actually like it. They are happy to see a company engaging with them. This is good news for marketers. As long as they keep sending useful messages and do not spam the customer, they can be assured of creating a good impression in the customer’s mind. This is just one step away from making a sale.

6) Businesses are using text marketing at 38% capacity only

Even though there is clear statistical proof of the popularity of text marketing, not all companies are using it effectively. The capacity of text messaging is at 38% only. This means, if you are doing text marketing, you are among the few doing this and are hence more likely to succeed. With capacity levels at low, customers are more receptive to text marketing. You are likely to get a better response to your campaigns.

7) 50% of customers make a purchase after receiving a branded message

When a brand sends a marketing message appealing to the customer to buy the product, approximately 50% of customers go ahead and make the purchase. This is a powerful piece of statistics that explains how useful texting is for marketing. Sending the right kind of text message with a clear call for action can attract customers and make them buy your product. This is yet another reason why companies should start using text marketing to boost their business.

The statistics make it clear that text marketing is the best way to reach out to customers for marketers. It is simple and easy to implement, all that is needed are texting software and a database of customers. A simple yet effective way to boost a business!

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