6 Best Automated SMS Workflows

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A business marketing strategy will be successful when you use the latest software and technology to streamline the campaigns. Be it social media, blogging, or SMS marketing, there is too much to do and not enough time to manage everything effectively. Moreover, businesses can’t always hire more employees just for marketing purposes. It is nearly impossible for small businesses to spend as much time and resources only on one aspect of their business.

Automation makes work simpler by taking the pressure on the employees and management. There are different tools for automating marketing strategies to improve the results. One such investment is the automation of SMS workflows.

What Are SMS Workflows?

SMS workflows are the text messages you regularly send to leads and customers. They are a combination of marketing and informational messages.

Automated SMS workflows are action-triggered messages sent to different contacts according to the pre-defined instructions. You need to set up the workflows only once. The SSM messages will be automatically sent until you turn off automation. It saves time for the marketing team and allows them to focus on other aspects such as customer analytics.

Let’s look at the six best automated SMS workflows every business should set up to increase customer engagement, enhance user experience, and improve returns.

· Welcome Text

A welcome text is a great way to create a positive impression on your customers. People are more engaged and interested in a business when they are new to it. This is the right time to impress them with your customer service.

Welcome messages can also be used to convert leads to customers by continuing to interact with them during the first few weeks. Depending on the type of business, the welcome message can be a single text message with a link to more information or a series of texts sent over the next few days to help customers get used to your business.

· Payment Reminders

People don’t always remember the payment due dates for every subscription. You have to remind them without making them feel pressurized. Payment reminders and renewal messages can be automated after categorizing customers based on their payment/ subscription choices.

For example, instead of sending a payment reminder to every customer and adding a disclaimer that those who paid can ignore the message, you can set up reminders only for customers who haven’t yet paid the bill or renewed the subscription.

· Review Requests

Statistics show that review requests sent through SMS messages have more than 65% conversion rate compared to email requests. You are more probably to get a response from customers if you ask them for a review through an SMS message.

Instead of manually sending messages to each customer who has made a purchase, you can set up automated SMS workflows to save time. The software will be integrated with the CRM system to gather data and send messages according to the instructions.

· Promotional Campaigns

SMS messages about discounts, deals, special offers, etc., can be automated so that the target audiences immediately know about the promotions. The sooner the message reaches the audience, the better will be the results. SMS automation makes this possible.

You also set up a sequence of triggers to determine which marketing campaign is best suited for a customer instead of bombarding them with multiple messages. Categorizing and segmenting customers will make automated SMS marketing services more efficient and effective.

· Wishes for Special Occasions

Personalization is ruling the markets in today’s world. Customers want to know you value them as people and not just see them as a means to make more money. Use customer details to set up automated SMS messages to wish them on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Studies show that birthday emails have a 480% higher transaction rate and more than triple the revenue. Since SMS messages already have an 8x times higher response rate than emails, it’s easy to assess how effective such text messages would be in building a long-lasting relationship with customers.

· Change of Timings & Holidays

Imagine how customers would feel if they visit your store only to find it closed. It’s important to alert customers about the change in timings and any holidays you might take when the business will not be open.

This will let them plan ahead and create a positive impact. They don’t have to waste time or feel annoyed. Rather, they’ll be relieved that you informed them in advance and saved them the trouble.

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