5 Ways SMS Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity

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SMS marketing is the process of sending text messages to customers to promote your business. It also includes offering customer services through transactional and informational SMS messages. Text messages are no longer used for informal communication. It has become a go-to channel for direct interaction between a business and its target audience.

Research shows that a majority of the customers prefer to get a text/ SMS message from a business. Moreover, more than 97% of Americans have mobile phones and use them often. SMS marketing is a simple, effective, and budget-friendly marketing strategy in today’s world. It can be integrated with other marketing strategies for better results.

Here are the five ways in which SMS marketing can increase your business productivity and increase returns.

1. Higher Conversion Rate

SMS messages have a higher conversion rate compared to email or other marketing strategies. There is a great response to SMS messages from businesses. Even the bulk promotional text messages are opened by customers. You can use analytical tools to track the message opening and conversion rates.

Including a URL to the website or the landing page will bring more conversions. Customers like to know about your business and use the link to access the website. A higher conversion rate is a sign of a successful business as it means that more number of the target audiences are becoming customers. This increases the ROI spent on marketing and generates additional sales. It makes your business productive by increasing the orders and profits.

2. Automated Services to Save Time

SMS marketing requires customizable business texting software. This software is connected to your contact database, CRM system, email address, etc., to streamline the SMS workflow. Your employees will hardly be productive if they have to keep track of every message from the customers or manually send text messages to each number on the contact list.

Business texting software automates the entire process. You just have to write the text message once (or edit existing templates) and select the contacts to send the message. You can schedule bulk messages with a couple of clicks and set up an SMS promotional campaign in a few minutes. The software will also send automated replies to incoming messages from customers. This eases the pressure and allows your employees to focus on important tasks.

3. Greater Market Reach

It’s not surprising that SMS marketing has the greatest market reach compared to all other marketing methods. Most people can’t live without their mobile phones for long. They carry it everywhere with them. Furthermore, SMS messages can be sent to any mobile number. It is the default messaging app on all mobile phones. There’s no need for an internet connection either.

You can reach a wide range of target audiences through this method. The business texting software further simplifies the process through automation. And people with smartphones can open the URL links to visit your website. It increases the website traffic as well.

4. Customer Loyalty and Engagement

Customers appreciate businesses that provide good services. With SMS messaging for customer service, you are setting up a two-way communication channel where the customers can send their queries, questions, complaints, etc., via text messages. When you respond to the queries and solve the problem, they will naturally feel loyal to your business.

Customization of SMS messages is another way to increase customer loyalty, which ultimately results in better productivity for your business. Segmenting the target audience into different categories makes it easy to customize the messages for each segment. For example, sending messages about a product the customer previously purchased will increase the chances of them buying it again.

5. Optimize Marketing Budget

We know it’s not easy to run a business. You need to have a budget and stick to it. Small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on marketing regularly. You need to find a marketing strategy that costs less but is effective and delivers results. SMS marketing fits the requirements perfectly.

A business from any industry can use SMS marketing to reach out to the target audiences and convert them into customers. Integrating SMS with other marketing techniques like email, social media promotions, etc., will save costs and help track the progress of your campaigns. Using analytical tools is the best way to ensure better ROI. You can make changes to your campaigns right away to improve the results instead of waiting for the campaign to end.

TXTImpact is a leading business texting software and solution provider in the US market. We have clients from different industries like nonprofit, real estate, retail, eCommerce, government, religious, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, and more. We offer affordable and customized services for SMBs and SMEs. Our team is efficient and quick in setting up the business text messaging software with your existing systems.

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