5 Tips To Reach Your Customers Using SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the most convincing way to reach your customers. A study in the behavioral pattern of SMS users, it’s said that almost 100% of users read the message and 70% read that within 3 minutes of receiving it. In case, you are looking towards a guaranteed connection with your customers, mobile SMS is the best way to reach you. SMS is an interpersonal thing and do not require any internet connection in order to be read. They are far more preferred than any other traditional method of marketing which is costlier and unpredictable.`

1. Focussing on the list:

You can send SMS to anybody you are familiar with and have their number. But, this is a great mistake to send anybody you know without knowing their interests. In fact, before sending messages you must get their permission. In various cases of SMS marketing, say it’s a pizza delivery, you must have seen that it asks permission and a code where to send ‘Y’ or ‘N’. Once the customer affirms, there are plenty of chances that you may send him all information regarding the product and offers. This is the right way to go about, sending the customers a promotional offer once they want to hear it.

2. Providing exclusive offers and promotions:

Once you have received a considerable number of the customer database, you can consider them as subscribers. Since the engagement rates are very high, you can prioritize mobile marketing above any other channel connecting with the contacts. Sending relevant messages to products or might be to their interests can bring them as subscribers interested in the messages sent by you. A restaurant owner used his text VIP list to boost sales. A link to the website or any other marketing channel can make you interested in a particular product.

3. Picking a cadence and sticking to it:

You must decide on how often your customers should receive messages from you. If you are dealing with real estate and designer wear, then six to eight messages are okay. In case you are dealing with charity, then the flow of messages could be lower since it's very much sales-driven. Also, while you send messages that should be very much product and sales oriented. Decide on the theme they would love to receive texts and they would be interested in the same. You can formulate interesting messages with areas of interest that would make a user provoked to open. Of course, beware of sending disturbing and unimportant messages as your client can permanently block you.

4. Including a call to action:

While you send SMS to your clients make sure that they are not only simple messages but include a button for the call to action. You can tell your contacts what to do and how to do it. These CTA’s could be like ‘Reply to enter and call a particular number. It’s important that you use a link shorter and then while sending web hyperlinks you get the text messages. Simple keywords are in combination with figures like 1,2,3,4, 5, and other shorter codes.

5. Analyzing and Iterating:

The Text Marketing platforms should provide easy to read reports and also analytic tools that allow you to see the big trends. That would drill to determine how the specific groups and contacts would keep an eye on your texts. You must keep a watch in the various niches like contact, day, demographics, and purchase history, and so on. Then you might optimize the future purchases based on these observations.

The usage of SMS marketing is mainly done by the industries which are indulged in B2C type of business. They mainly belong to the niche like:
• Garment sales
• Cake and Patisserie
• Education institutes
• Vocational course
• Real estate companies
• Computer peripherals
• Electronics
• Supermarkets
• Groceries

In fact, many people suffer from the tendency called nomophobia, or when they fear they would not be able to use their mobile phones for any adverse reasons. This is the reason businesses have come forward and initiated the use of SMS marketing. There are various agencies that deal with SMS marketing. You can take deals from them, and then observe if that is bearing any benefit.

Some of the reason why SMS Marketing is used as a means of communicating with clients are:

• They have a high opening rate and it proves to be interpersonal.
• The rate of conversion is quite higher than any other channel
• They are cheaper compared to the traditional methods of marketing.
• They are more effective than email marketing
• They are easy to use.
• It’s easier for customers to access.
• This assures fast deliveries.
• The responses are quite quick.

You can make the maximum utilization of SMS marketing and be sure that this method will benefit your business before the seasonal sale commences.

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