2021 Online Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

2021 is going to a challenging year. After a difficult year due to the Corona pandemic and lockdowns, 2021 is when businesses have to recover losses and move ahead. It will be challenging since the virus is still around and spreading. Small businesses especially have found it very difficult to manage this scenario. This year, they need to put in more marketing effort to get business. With many people working from home and being online, online marketing tools are ideal in this situation.

If you have a small business, it makes sense to use online marketing tools. They are more cost-effective and help give you desired results. They can be very effective in helping you achieve your marketing goals.

The article tells you some of the best online tools that you can use in 2021 to boost your business.

1. TXTImpact

TXTImpact is an SMS marketing tool that allows you to use text messaging for your marketing activities. SMS is the preferred marketing media for more than 76% of customers. An SMS is read within 3 minutes by 97% of recipients. This makes it ideal for marketing activities. You can use an SMS to engage with your customers, interact with them, and run marketing campaigns. You can use features like keywords, auto responder, and SMS survey for the best results. TXTImpact will ensure that you have a cost-effective tool to communicate with your clients to promote your business.

2. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Instagram today allows small businesses to reach out to more customers and market their products and services online. It is easy to use Instagram. All you need to do is add posts promoting your product. You can focus on the unique features of your products. Attractive photos and catchy headlines can help you create a powerful impact. You can reach out to social media influencers and promote your posts. This helps your posts to reach out to more people who can be potential customers. It is a great promotion method in today’s world.

3. Google Ads

Google Ads are ubiquitous. If you need more traffic for your website, then Google Ads can give you the best results. The biggest benefit of using Google is its reach. You can potentially reach millions of customers around the world. With a well-designed ad, you can reach out to your target market and ensure they see your ad. If your ad is catchy, you can easily get clicks to your website. Once visitors land on your website, you can then focus on converting them to leads.

4. Sprout Social

One of the most essential online tools that a small business needs is Sprout Social. This is a social media management platform. With millions of people being on social media platforms, it is important that businesses have a presence on social media. They need to engage with their target customers and promote their services using different social media platforms. Sprout offers a solution to help you engage better with customers and manage your social media more effectively.

5. Hub Spot

Hub Spot is software that gives you features like marketing, sales, and customer service. With this software, you get access to all that is needed to improve your business and increase conversion rates. You get a free CRM with powerful features that help you deal more effectively with customers. The free and other attractively priced plans make this full-stack growth set of tools the best option for small businesses.

6. Pepipost

Pepipost is a fast growing email delivery service. Email like newsletters and notifications are still popular today and allow businesses to reach out to clients. With Pepipost you can ensure delivery of mail within five seconds. The potential is limitless, you can send literally billions of emails in an hour. If you seriously use emails for your marketing, then you must consider this tool. It has AI-optimization that helps you identify users who are more likely to engage with you.

7. Canva

Canva is a great design tool available for free. You can pay only if you need advanced features, Marketers need to design attractive brochures, ads, Facebook posts, Insta posts, etc. All these can be designed in the most effective way through Canva. It is an easy tool to use and comes with a huge collection of templates. Choose the templates you want, make changes, add your content and photos, and that’s it! You can create the design of your choice and use it on your website or for your marketing activities.

The online marketing tools listed in this article are best suited for small businesses. These tools provide you the best results at competitive prices. You can use these tools to acquire new customers and engage with existing customers to boost your business.

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