12 Ways To Maximize Business using Text Message Services

Maximizing business requires increased sales with higher revenue. To do this, an organization needs to acquire new customers, convince them to purchase the product/service, and also tap into existing customers to enhance sales. Various marketing strategies can help in achieving this. One of the most simple, result-oriented, and cost-effective ways to maximize business is to use text messaging for marketing.

Text message service involves the use of SMS or text message to communicate with customers. SMS is a highly effective way of communication as it is instant, does not need internet connectivity, is non-intrusive, is preferred by customers, and has a very high response rate. You can make use of text message services to maximize your business. The following are 12 ways to help you do so:

1) Introductory messages

An introductory message is the first message where you introduce your brand and the product/service on offer. You can use business texting services using texting software to send this message to all leads/prospective customers. The message can have a special welcome offer that should encourage the recipient to make a purchase.

2) Run campaigns

You can run marketing campaigns by informing customers of product(s) launched or convey details of your campaign with offer/voucher or other such information to make them buy the product. You can use a shortened URL to redirect customers to your webpage. You can use this to track the effectiveness of your campaign.

3) Greetings and special offers

You can send greetings on occasions like birthday/anniversary and give a special offer on the occasion. This is a good way of making your customers special and get them to make a purchase.

4) Send updates

Updates can be sent using a mass texting service, whereby you send a message to all customers. These updates can be to inform customers when a product that was out of stock is available or if a product with new features or new pricing is available.

5) Reminders

You can send reminders to customers on various issues. These reminders can be related to:

• Reminders of bills that due to being paid.

• Reminders on a service call/maintenance that needs to be done.

• Reminder on expiry of warranty with a request to extend the warranty.

• Reminder on appointment at your office (in case of services being offered).

6) Inform about events

Events can be organized to promote your brand and products. You can use texting services for businesses to send a message to all your customers and leads inviting them to the event. This is a good way to bring in traffic and you can promote your product at the event.

7) Organize contests

Contests are a great way to get customers to engage with you. Customers would reply to your contest message with their answer/participation. You can then offer prizes to a few customers and vouchers to everyone who participates. This is a great marketing technique.

8) Provide information

If you are a healthcare provider, you can send healthcare tips to customers. Similarly, if you are having a fitness center, you can send fitness tips. This is a good way to reach out to customers by providing valuable information. In today’s digital world, content is a good way of engaging with customers.

9) Ask for referrals

Your existing customers will be happy to refer new customers to you if they can get some benefit. You can offer reward points or a voucher for new referrals. You can send a message with a link to your website from where they can make referrals. They can also be updated when the referral makes a purchase and they get their reward for it.

10) Keep the customer updated

You can use text messages to keep the customer updated on information like order status, delivery status, etc. You can allow the customer to track the order online and provide a link to your website in the message.

11) Make service requests

You can use texting to allow your customers to make service requests. This is easier than calling or using a website. It allows you to manage your customer service operations in a more effective way. This kind of innovative use of SMS can help you establish a better rapport with your customers.

12) Conduct customer surveys

It is important to know if your customers are happy with your services. You can send surveys as a message or by giving a web link. The results of the survey can help you make changes to offer better services/improve quality.

All of the above are simple and effective ways of using text message services to reach out to customers and enhance sales. This is a highly effective way of maximizing business that you can implement easily, all that you need is a database of customers and texting software to send messages.

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