10 Tips to Improve Retail Sales Using Text Messaging

Organization improve its sales through text messaging.

  1. Offer exclusive deals and discounts to customers through text messages service. Retailers can send a message to their customers informing them of special offers meant for them. A link to the website, in case of online sales or a discount code that they can show at the store while billing, can be included in the text message.

  2. Product updates can be sent regularly by text messages. Retailers will keep getting new products as and when brands introduce them in the market. This information can be sent to customers to get them interested to visit the store and buy the product.

  3. Products that are in high demand or products that offer substantial discounts go out of stock frequently. Because of their demand, they are sold very fast. You can send messages to customers to inform them of the arrival of such products requesting them to hurry up before it is out of stock. This is a great way to improve sales.

  4. Retail stores can run contests and competitions for customers. They can participate by replying to the message and can be given discount codes or a free gift. They can redeem it when they visit the store.

  5. Retailers regularly have special sales for festivals and other occasions. Sometimes, a flash sale may be organized. This is a great way to draw in customers. SMS Marketing can help notify customers of such sales to bring them to the store.

  6. Retailers can offer loyalty programs for customers to encourage them to buy more and have a long association. Information on loyalty programs, schemes available, gifts offered, etc. can be sent by text messages to customers.

  7. When records of customer sales are available, customized messages can be sent to them. These messages can be related to specific products the customer is looking for. It can also include information on the arrival of new products or offers on products that the customer buys regularly from the store. This is a great way to engage with customers and boost sales.

  8. Retailers can organize events at the store. These events can draw in crowds, which can help in boosting sales. Text messaging can be used to notify customers of events and the benefits of participating in such events, which can include celebrity promotions.

  9. Mass Text messaging and social media can be interlinked. Social media posts can be shared through text messages inviting customers to visit the social media page and like/follow to avail a special offer. This is a great way to use SMS and social media together to reach out to customers and at the same time increase social media followers.

  10. Text marketing can be used to get feedback from customers. Feedback can be taken for purchases made or at frequent intervals. This is a good way to engage them and enhance their perception of the store. This will help to improve sales in the long run.

The tips listed above can be very helpful for retailers to reach out to customers and increase their sales performance.

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