10 SMS Marketing Trends Every Local Business Marketer Needs to Know

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Short message service (SMS), also known as mobile text messaging, is a new way to boost business growth and profits.

In truth, a Short Message Service (SMS) is possibly the most compelling way to get your audience to read your message. It may also cost less per target and can attain a 45% response rate compared to other marketing strategies such as email, which might only get you as many as a 6% response.

According to the Mobile MarketingAssociation, recipients open 95% of all SMS messages. SMS has a maximum of 160 characters, including spaces that you can send and receive via mobile devices, so your target audience can read your short message very fast. With this, mobile text messaging is the quickest way to convey information to your target audience.

Mentioned below are some ideas that can assist you as you mix SMS strategies with marketing.

  1. Before you can start dispatching out text messages to your audience, it is required that you first have the details of all contacts you are planning on sending text messages to. As with other forms of media, too, you should ask your audience to opt in to receive SMS. All you will need to do is to ask them to text a word or several digits of numbers to your short code. A nice strategy that can be used to accelerate the opt-in proportion by offering incentives such as free gifts or exclusive discounts on paid services. A good pattern to dispatch this kind of narration is to send your new contact a text message with the link to the document. It is advised that you always ask your audience what hours they will be disposed to receive text messages.

  2. You should only send messages to customers who opt in to receive text because many people pay to receive text messages. Even if they accept text messages from your business, people are most likely to only respond to messages that personally interest them; thus, the reply to your message will be great when you include messages that are personal. Sending your target audience promotional codes for discounts or tickets regarding your products or services, sending them a text message when they're within a particular distance of your location as you would want them to get into your store or venue, or extending to them a free gift in return for a referral or
    short testimonial for the company, are all ways of building a fast customer relationship and improving the loyalties of your customers through SMS.

  3. The sweet spot of advertising is the 18 to 49-year-old market. Do you know why? Compared to the older viewers in advertising, most persons within this age group grew up with mobile devices and are one of the biggest users of text messaging, so it would make great sense as you intend to use this means to reach your target audience.

  4. It would be good for you to be aware that timing is everything. The proportion of responses you get can vary by the time of the day you send your text message. Your goal is to send your text messages at the best time your audience can be free to take messages and give replies to your messages. The perfect time is before and after work hours or during lunch hours. You should also know that as a general rule, you should not distress your audience after 9 pm of their time.

  5. One best advertising strategy is to interfuse various types and forms of media. Including the option of opting into SMS in your digital advertisements, content in your prints, and social media sites can help expand your audience with whom you can transfer information via text. You can also attach links to content or articles you've published or maybe a video or picture to take them there. This helps to build plausibility and loyalty for your customer.

  6. Dispatching an SMS message after you've sent an email is like a one-two punch. It can help to intensify the rate of response from your audience. Your target audience can receive both forms of messaging on a mobile device. In that way, you are capable of alluring a conversation that you might not get with other types of media.

  7. Sending a message to your contacts to alert them about an email you've already sent is a welcomed suggestion. This is because text messaging is something you know you've gotten almost instantly, unlike emails where you might be checking up every few hours. This will help if the email holds a report your audience would like to get as soon as possible.

  8. SMS is a feasible medium to interact with your audience when they are in close vicinity to your services or products. For this to work, you have to know ahead of time where and when your audience will be there.

  9. Sending your exclusive audience offers is a better way of making your audience feel special, and this can be done through SMS. This is done by publicizing exclusive offers via text that is not publicized on any other marketing channel or website.

  10. Building a strong relationship with customers is not only needed before the sales, but more of it must go on after the sales if you want to have loyal customers and give rise to repeated sales and new revenues from referrals, and SMS is one
    ideal form of media to help communicate your after-sale message.

Luckily, TXTImpact now makes it even easier for local business marketers to create, manage, and append all their small business SMS marketing campaigns at the most minimum costs.

You can schedule SMS campaigns to suit all your audience needs and expectations. Everything is well optimized to suit your company demographics and preference.

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