Setup Appointment reminders - Video Tutorial

Reduce no-shows and boost revenue with automated text reminders. TXTImpact offers SMS appointment notifications for clients to confirm or reschedule.

Transcript: Setup Appointment reminders Tutorial video

Steps to Set Up Text Messaging Appointment Reminders:

Welcome to the Business Text Messaging tutorial video. In this guide, you'll learn how to set up text messaging appointment reminders.

  1. Access Dashboard:

    • Log in to the dashboard using your credentials.
  2. Create New Calendar:

    • Click on "Appointments" and then "Add New Calendar."
    • Enter the calendar name and provide a valid email address for notifications.
    • Optionally, add a mobile number for SMS notifications.
    • Enter the welcome message and reminder message templates. Customize confirm and decline responses as needed.
    • Set reminder frequency and preferred date/time format. Click "Save Calendar Settings."
  3. Add Appointments:

    • Navigate to "All Calendars" and click on "Manage Appointments."
    • Click the plus button to add a new appointment.
    • Enter recipient's details (first name, last name, email address, mobile number in international format), and appointment date/time. Click "Save."
  4. Confirmation and Notifications:

    • Users will receive the appointment reminder and can confirm or decline. Confirmation reflects in the appointment record, and email notifications are generated.
  5. Google Calendar Integration:

    • Optionally, you can link your Google Calendar.
    • Click on "Google Calendar" and then "Connect to Google Calendar."
    • Log in to your Google account and save the connection.
    • Click "Save Google Calendar Mapping."
  6. Create Appointment in Google Calendar:

    • Start a new appointment in Google Calendar with the recipient's mobile number in the subject.
    • Optionally include the recipient's name.
    • Test the connection by clicking "Get Google Calendar Appointments."
    • Click "Import Appointments" to import qualified appointments with mobile numbers.
  7. Automated Appointment Pull:

    • Once the Google connection is saved, qualified appointments with mobile numbers will be automatically pulled every five minutes.

Congratulations! You've successfully set up text messaging appointment reminders and integrated with Google Calendar for automated appointment management.

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