Text Messaging Service for Healthcare

Text messaging Service for Healthcare


With Text messaging Service, it become easy to reach to doctors and patients. Patients not taking their medication as prescribed is a recognised as problem to pharmaceutical and medical aid industries costing the millions in lost revenues. Most non-adherences relate to chronic conditions.

  • According NCPA study, 75% Americans don’t take their drugs as directed
  • 31% don’t fill their prescriptions
  • 29% stop taking their drugs before the course runs out
  • 49% of people forget to take their drugs
  • According to the New England Healthcare Institute, this costs the US $290 billion per year (11% of the $2.5 trillion health care
Innovative new mobile applications are constantly being developed to increase access to healthcare information and increase medication adherence. Offer your patients these mobile healthcare tools. We provide Text messaging service for EMR companies to integrated text messaging into their software. The most obvious use would be to send a text message reminder about the appointment and possibilities are endless.

Advantages of Text messaging Service

  • Appointment reminders
  • Prescription refill reminders
  • Medication tracking
  • Drug recall notices
  • Monitoring services
  • Preventative care alerts
  • Fitness mobile applications (diet tracking, weight watcher, etc.)
  • Text messaging program for Diabetes Self-Management
Our sms marketing industry knowledge and expertise make us the best choice for your health care business. Our secure sms marketing and mobile web solutions will help you go mHealth.

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