Drip/Timed Autoresponder - Video Tutorial

Discover our "Drip" Message Campaign! Perfect for multi-day events and trips. Stay informed and make the most of conventions with curated session updates. Join us for a seamless event experience!

Transcript: Drip/Timed Autoresponder Tutorial video

Steps to Add a Drip Autoresponder Message to an Autoresponder Campaign:

In this video, we'll demonstrate how to incorporate a drip autoresponder message into an existing autoresponder campaign. Ensure you've watched the tutorial on creating an autoresponder campaign before proceeding.

  1. Access Dashboard:

    • Log in to your dashboard using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Campaigns:

    • Click on "Campaigns" from the dashboard menu.
  3. Search for Campaign:

    • Use the search field to find the campaign you want to modify.
  4. Select Campaign:

    • Once found, click on the campaign name to edit it.
  5. Add Drip Message:

    • Click on the "Time Drip Message" button at the top.
  6. Select Subscriber List and Timeframe:

    • Choose the subscriber list to which you want to send the drip messages.
    • Set the start and end time for the message delivery.
    • Click "Save" to confirm.
  7. Create New Message:

    • Click on "New Message" to create a new drip message.
  8. Name and Customize Message:

    • Give your message a relevant name.
    • Type the message content in the message field.
  9. Set Delivery Time:

    • Choose the time after which this message will be delivered to subscribers.
    • Time options can be in minutes, hours, or days.
  10. Save Changes:

    • Click "Save" to save the changes to your drip message.

Now, in addition to the default autoresponse, subscribers will automatically receive follow-up messages according to the settings. This enables you to automatically engage and follow up with customers.

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