Text Marketing for Car Dealerships

Text Marketing for Car Dealerships

Car Dealerships

  Automobile dealers today are using text marketing to get lifelong and loyal customers. For any car dealer, to retain old customers and to get new incoming leads, is a challenge. They have to constantly come up with new marketing tricks to retain their customers.

While text marketing has been there for quite some time, companies are today modifying it and leveraging its use so as to make the experience with your dealership, a favorite for them. By text-enabling their dealership, a car dealer offers time-saving tools to the customer to make his own dealership the preferred one.

Text marketing, when done in the right way, can be quite useful for car dealerships.SMS is the number one tool that can anticipate your customer’s needs. Here is how you can use it to its maximum potential for car dealerships:

    • Automated Messages with Necessary Information
Sending an automated message once the customer has made the deal, reassures them after the purchase. Using scheduled texts, templates and autoresponders, essential information is sent to the customers with details of the purchase directly. The messages should also have a link through which the customers can reach back to you instantly.

    • Sale Offers Through Text
  When you draft your text messages to encourage sales with your offers, remember that there is a thin line between getting too pushy or just encouraging. Text messages are better than a phone call because they deliver your offer announcement and yet give the customer space to think. SMS messages allow you to send your offers in a subtle way without being overbearing. You can also use keywords to deliver discount codes automatically to eligible customers.

    • Service Promotions and Deals
  Most car dealers tie-up with local mechanics for car servicing. Send text SMS to your customers with exciting offers and deals on car service and regular oiling. By automatically sending service reminders to your customers, they are more likely to avail them as they prefer to get everything done at one place. It is more convenient for them.

    • No More Phone Calls Required
  If you do not want to be pushy to your customers, then sending an SMS is the best option as they can contact you on their terms. Phone calls are more irritating for customers today and most of them cut calls in between without even listening to the full message. A quick text allows you to convey your message quickly without wasting any time and thereby increase your conversion rate too.

    • Manage all your Services
  Multiple user-accessible platforms can be used by all your salespeople and billing agents. This provides ease of handling client promotions, sales messages and also helps you stay more organized from just one location.

    • Scheduling and Appointing Messages?
  SMS messages can also be used to schedule and fix appointments with customers regarding new purchases, sales, customization, service, etc. You can schedule to send these messages to a specific customer or create an autogenerated responder to send such scheduled appointments.

Instant Follow-Up
    • Maintenance Tips
  You can also use SMS to send maintenance tips to your customers. Just informative SMS texts are much loved by customers and it helps them keep their cars in great running condition. This also builds good relationships between your customers and you.
Maintenance Tips
    • Sales Lead Generation
  You can send an alert or an announcement for new products or restocked ones by sending SMS texts. This will get your sales figures. You can also send discount offers to your old customers and send welcome bonus offers to new ones.
Sales Lead Generation
    • Instant Follow-Up
  SMS can also be used for instant follow up with your potential customers without doing extra work. You can create autoresponders for your clients who have shown interest in your products.

  • Payment Reminders your clients reminding them of their payment is time, you can also create second reminders informing them about the late fee levied in case of delay. This will prevent you from calling them personally and yet sending your message bold and clear.
    Instant Follow-Up
    • Service and Satisfaction Surveys
  SMS can also be used to get your customer’s feedback, response and satisfaction feedback. By sending text links to surveys, text links to vote feedback and for polling your subscribers, you not only get answers about your service level, but you can also create a good relationship with your customers and understand their needs well. Texts have a good response rate and hence most customers feel it just takes a minute to give feedback.

Service & Satisfaction Surveys
How to kick-start your car dealership using Text Marketing?

So now that you are convinced that text marketing is an ideal way for marketing for car dealerships, here is how you can start it:

    • Choose a number
  First of all, you need to get the main number for your dealership. If you have a number already, you can use the same number to make it your text-enabled marketing number too. You can also take a toll-free number for your car dealership company or create a 6-digit shortcode.

    • Reserve Keywords
  Customers usually search on Google or Bing with words and these keywords when incorporated in your own texts, they can easily find you. This way, you will get more subscriptions to your messages.

    • Add Sign Up Forms to your Website
  Create an option on your website to allow sign-in for mass text messages. This way, you get your customer’s approval to receive text messages from your company. If you send messages without their approval, they might go for opt-out. Customers can receive exclusive updates and information regarding their favorite car brand from these messages.

    • Advertise on public forums about your new texting feature
  Just getting a text marketing number or feature is not enough, you need to also inform your customers that you have a text number where you can be reached at or from where you will be sending messages to. You will also need to update this new feature on your web material and advertisements to let more and more people know about it.

So, using text marketing this way for car dealerships can enhance their market value and sales figures.