SMS Marketing in the Real Estate Business

Are you a real estate broker looking to expand your business in the world of marketing? If yes, then use TXTImpact’s easy to use platform to start your next SMS Marketing Strategy. SMS Marketing is when a business sends out messages to clients through texting rather than email or calling. Being one of the cheapest marketing tactics, SMS Marketing will get your business to potential clients and keep current clients.

How to use SMS Marketing in your Real Estate Business?


  • Create groups based on location and push listings in the area to specific groups. Don’t send out listings to everyone as it won’t be valuable information for every client. For customer retention remember that customers only want valuable information. A client wouldn’t care about a house listing in a different state unless they happen to be moving to that state.


  • Have a campaign that would take in clients who plan on selling their house. Why use emails when the client can just text your business. This would help gain potential properties to put up for sale as well as increase your customer base.


  • If you have appointments with clients and have a schedule to adhere to, use reminders so that you can keep track of who has an appointment and when the next one is.


How TXTImpact features can help you out:

  • Templates - Use templates to save repetitive types of messages such as responses to clients and leads. Save an MMS or SMS Template. Use merge tags to give messages a personal touch as they capture recipient data such as their first and last name.
  • Bulk SMS & MMS Messaging - Need to send an urgent message to a lot of people at one time? Send out a Bulk SMS or MMS Message. Send to thousands in a matter of seconds.
  • Keywords - Gain only interested subscribers with creative keywords for your campaign. Such as “Text HOME to 27162”
  • Auto-Response - When creating a campaign remember to check out your auto-responses for reply types. Keep your business efficient with automated messaging.

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