Mobile Survey For Better Client Service – Capture Customer Feedback On the Go

Mobile Survey For Better Client Service – Capture Customer Feedback On the Go

The two most popular forms of surveying clients are via phone surveys and door to door surveys. Neither of these techniques are optimal for a number of reasons, including disturbing busy people at home during their “off” time when they are busy with family, and imposing on the privacy of individuals. When a couple sits down for the quality time after a long day, the last thing they feel like is taking a phone survey. Even if the interviewee agrees to be surveyed, it is often out of a sense of being well mannered (unfortunately a rare character trait in this day and age) and the responses given will not be accurate but rather the first thing to enter their mind so as to expedite the process. I would get a lot of people that kept their conscience quiet by not hanging up, but would not be answering with integrity. Consequently, instead of interacting with clients in a constructive manner, you actually run the risk of alienating them, with the irony being that you will not have obtained constructive and valuable for your efforts. Traditional survey techniques are a lose-lose proposition from so many perspectives

. Mobile Survey

Modern Survey Techniques – Mobile Survey

The world has gone mobile and digital in every aspect, I even keep track of how many glasses of water I drink a day with a special app and have one to help memorize names! So why should survey techniques remain stationary and analog? Mobile survey apps are a reasonably a recent innovation that has vaulted the survey industry into the 21st century. The vast majority of people today own a smartphone or tablet. If they do not own one themselves, they are usually familiar with the technology and are not only not intimidated by it but enthused by it, or they live in tents. Consequently, the integration of survey apps to mobile devices has ushered in a revolution of sorts in the survey industry and has made major inroads as a survey tool that enhances client interaction rather than disenfranchising the client.

Advantages of Mobile Survey

As I mentioned before, due to my past experience in the survey world I found that there are numerous advantages inherent in the use of mobile survey apps as a survey method. I convinced my boss to start using this method, by explaining that from the company’s perspective mobile survey apps are:
  • Cheaper than traditional techniques
  • Easy to implement, update, and amend
  • Offer real-time data that can be analyzed from anywhere in the world due to the WIFI capabilities of mobile devices
  • Allow for clarification of interview data in real-time should it be required
  • Mobile devices have scanning and camera capabilities allowing the transfer of additional data to or from the interviewee in real-time
  • Are conducive to attracting a more accurate result in terms of interviewee response, interview subject, and nature of survey
  • Attract the client to your business rather than alienate them
From the interviewee’s perspective mobile survey apps are:
  • Less threatening than door to door surveys
  • More personal than phone surveys
  • A friendly, reinforcing experience rather than an annoying experience