How To Handle Every SMS MARKETING Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

SMS is a popular tool for generating, converting leads, and communicating with customers and prospects. Over the years, SMS marketing has proved to be beneficial for most companies. However, the marketing strategy is not as simple as it sounds. There are a lot of challenges that might come your way during the process. Here, we will be discussing the different SMS marketing challenges so you can try and avoid them.

1. SMS is not conversational:

Readers might lose interest right from the start if they do not have the message in an interactive and conversational tone. A direct sales pitch is not a great idea. You could promote your brand subtly instead. You must ensure that there is a communication channel created with each SMS.

2. Building a Customer Database:

Over a period, you need to create a customer database. In this database, along with other information, you must have the customer behavioral patterns and customer preferences. It would include the opt-in, opt-out preferences, too. The process would help you keep a track of your customers and curate your SMS marketing strategy to make the best impact on them.

3. Regulated judiciously:

Your SMSs should be strictly regulated for the best impact on the customers. For this, be sure to add the opt-in and opt-out options with the SMSs. You should always seek permission from your customers before sending them any information. They should not feel disturbed by your SMS marketing attempts at any point. If they feel that you are overdoing yourself, they might ignore your SMSs, and in turn, all your marketing efforts go in vain.

4. Customization of SMS:

Customizing your messages is an essential aspect of SMS marketing. With this, you can keep in touch with your customer and have a personal connection with them. Most of the time, the marketer tries to have personalized messages but in vain.

5. No direct sales:

It is certain that you keep your brand on top and that the reason for your SMS in the first place is promoting your brand. But being too salesy might lead to your customers considering your SMSs attempts as spamming. Once that happens, the chances of you doing business with them are reduced. If you do not want that to happen, try to be subtle with your pitch.

6. Sending long messages:

You need to understand that no one has all day to read your messages and realize what you have to say. So, if you lend long messages, with no information as such, it might not be welcomed by the customers. Try to keep your SMSs short and to the point. However, in the process do not forget about the personalized touch to the SMS. In no way, give chance to your customers to consider your marketing attempt as a spam attempt instead.

7. Missing Call-to-action:

SMS marketing is capable of driving short term-actions. For this, you must have a call-to-action associated with your SMS. Missing out on the call-to-action button in the SMS is a major flaw in most SMS marketing attempts. The customer receives your message, they read it, now what? If there is no call-to-action or following steps, what do you want them to do? It becomes an overall ambiguous or a broken flow of communication channel.

8. Multiple messages:

Sending multiple SMSs time and again with the same messages, is not a great idea. You must respect the time and space of the customers. When converting them and get them to opt for your services, never make them feel disturbed. Valuing their time will go a long way in getting you loyal, long-term customers. Limit your SMSs to 2 to 3 per week if required.

9. Email Marketing duplicates:

Do not copy-paste your SMS message on Email or vise versa. Having the same message for both SMS and Email is not a good idea. Your SMSs and Email message should complement each other and bot be a direct copy of each other. Both SMS and Email should work hand-in-hand to develop and grow your customer base. It should also promote a seamless flow of communication between you and the customers.

10. Timing is essential:

Know your timing. Value the time of your customers at all times. Make a note of the time zones. With SMS marketing, you can promote short-term action. So the timing of your SMS plays a vital role in your marketing strategy. The customer database can help you keep track of the time zones of customers. In case you are serving a global audience, it is essential. Take account of that when you move ahead with SMS marketing for your company.

If you keep all these tips under control, there are chances that you will ace the SMS marketing strategy and generate sales for your business, be it big or small.

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