5 Easy Steps For Recruiter Marketing Strategy

Conventional recruitment strategies are no longer enough to attract top talent. Many great performers who are actively looking for a new job will not be on the market for long. If you need to attract the best talent, you need to build the right recruitment marketing strategy. Choosing the right SMS marketing strategy not just helps you in attracting potential candidates, but also attracts people with cultural fit. In this digital world, you need to think more like a marketer to choose recruitment marketing strategies.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing refers to using digital marketing methods to attract top talents who are interested in your company. It also helps in building a work culture that prompts people to apply for any job opening in your company.

5 steps to a strong recruiter marketing strategy

In today's digital and candidate-driven job market, potential candidates are more in demand. They get to choose what company they want to work for. To ensure that your company stands out amongst its top choices, you need to build an effective and detailed marketing strategy. Randomly choosing the strategy will lead to an unprofessional candidate's experience and a weaker talent pool. Outlined below are 5 recruitment strategies that will help you convert the most potential candidates to your employees.

1. Employer Branding

Candidates often do research to ensure that they engage with the organization that they feel is ideal for them. This is why it's important to build a strong company brand. An effective employer branding can make your company stand apart in the minds of the candidates. There are a few strategies that can help boost your brand image

Optimize your website and career site. Update it regularly with the content relevant to your audience. Insert keywords for Google so that it becomes easier to find through search engines.

Register your company on popular job sites and regularly review those sites to know what employees and candidates are saying about your company. Make your existing employees your brand advocates and ask them to leave a review on such job sites.

Share the positive reviews on other sites like social media and career sites to make the candidates know what sets you apart from other companies.

2. Social media

Social media plays an important role in a recruitment marketing strategy. It attracts, engages, and drives interested candidates to register for your talent pool. Including social media in your recruitment marketing can help you reach both active and passive job seekers.

The first step towards this is to create a social media company page. Use social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Next, it's important to be active on social media sites by posting consistently. You can post pictures, videos, and stories to show off your company culture. And finally, you can post job openings along with relevant hashtags. Basically, you should understand your audience and the ideal candidate to unleash the power of social media in recruitment marketing.

3. SMS marketing

With the higher prevalence of usage of mobile phones, it's an ideal choice to use online text message marketing to attract job seekers. People have their mobile phones handy all day, therefore sending text messages can increase the response rate. By using interactive text messages to communicate with applicants you can save your time by curtailing the application, interview, and offer processes. Many organizations use text recruitment software for mass texting and international SMS and have experienced positive results. You can also send multimedia messages to make it more interesting and less troublesome for the candidates. group texting is a great way to reach candidates with a higher open rate, response rate, and average response time.

4. Email

Next to SMS marketing, text from email marketing serves as a great channel for recruitment. The increasing demand for personalized mails by the candidates, its customization options, and friendly tone all makes it stand among the top 5 recruitment marketing strategy. Emails let you share relevant links, videos, and articles that grab the attention of the candidates. You can send from general to more specific emails, ask engaging questions or send a form to know more about the candidates.

5. SEM

If your recruitment strategy doesn't include SEM you're missing out great talents. Active job seekers often begin their search with the search engine. So, make your recruitment search engine friendly. Include short and long-tail keywords to make your job opening appear in front of the ideal candidate. SEM doesn't require a huge investment, but it requires time to monitor and optimize your ads for better results.

Final thoughts

You cannot have the same recruitment strategy year-after-year. You need to persistently optimize your recruitment marketing strategy to reach the top talents. By using a combination of the tactics above, you can reach qualified applicants, and grow your candidate pipeline.

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