How Gyms & Fitness Studios Can Attract New Members 2022

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There’s a growing demand for gyms and fitness studios in different parts of the world. New fitness centers are cropping up regularly, further adding to the competition. Statistics show that the US fitness market will grow by 7.2% in 2022.

In such instances, it is vital to have a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract new members to your gym. You need to be visible, approachable, and people-friendly to become successful. New members are a result of greater exposure and bring fresh revenue. But how can you bring new members to your fitness studio? Which techniques are sure to work and deliver results?

Fortunately, there are many ways to attract new target audiences. Many of these techniques are a part of digital marketing strategies and need to be used in parallel to make an impact on your target audiences.

● Video Marketing

Video marketing is among the top marketing strategies in today’s scenario. People love watching videos and sharing them with others. You can post these videos on social media, embed them into email newsletters, share them via messages, and so on. Make informational and promotional videos to capture viewers’ attention. Let them see the gym, the equipment, and the training sessions. This will build trust in the target audience and increase your brand credibility.

SMS Marketing & MMS Marketing SMS marketing is an effective way of reaching out to the maximum number of people without spending too much money. Moreover, you create a contact list and can identify potential leads. Your messages will reach people interested in knowing more about your fitness center.

● Google My Business Page

Google My Business (GMB) profile is a great way to establish your business presence on the internet. Verify your GMB profile by adding the latest information about your gym. The name, logo, address (with map), phone number, email id, website, and social media links will provide all the basic information about your gym in one place. You can also add pictures of the front and the interiors to increase authenticity.

● Paid Ads

Paid ads have their advantages. If you want to reach wider audiences, run paid ad campaigns on social media, search engines, and native platforms. Paid campaigns bring immediate traffic and increase brand visibility as long as the ad is live. To get more returns, use ads when offering discounts or hosting events/ giveaways. This will encourage users to check out your fitness business.

● Collaborations

Collaborate with other local businesses and establishments. For example, you can offer discounted membership to students and faculty from the local high school. You can have an exclusive training program for senior citizens. Sponsor for events and giveaways hosted by other businesses. Is there an annual/ seasonal event in your city or locality? Join the list of sponsors or grab a spot directly market your fitness center to new audiences. The idea is to make your fitness center a familiar name and bring offline traffic.

● Influencer Marketing

Use influencers to take your gym to new markets. You can use online and offline influencers for a greater impact. For example, you can collaborate with a social media influencer to post pictures and videos about your gym and talk about it on their profiles. Similarly, you can invite a local celebrity or fitness enthusiast to come to your gym for an event or meet up with their followers.

● Business Listings

People still go through local and niche directories to search for new establishments. Add your fitness center to local listings to show up easily on search pages. Moreover, the citations in listings will increase your website rank on search engines and bring more traffic. Keep the information up to date to avoid confusion and loss of potential leads.

● User-Friendly Website

This is a must for any gym or fitness center. Create a business website and optimize it for search engines. Ensure that the website has a neat and clear layout. Keep it simple yet informative. Hire a web developer to design the website. You can also make single-page websites on your own using various on-code templates available in the market.

Final Words

Attracting new members to the gym is continuous progress, like retaining existing members. You can mix and match the strategies to suit your target market and amplify the results. With access to many latest tools and software, you can easily plan and implement your gym marketing strategies.

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