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When advertisers need to reach directly to audience, our Advertisers Text Message Service is best service that can Make your advertising “interactive”! Get your prospects to send you a text message, and measure the effectiveness of your ads. Imagine this: A person is sitting in Restaurants having breakfast, reading the newspaper. There’s an ad for your Mortgage Company that says “Text SAM to 27126 for today’s interest rates and more information.” Prospect instantly gets back the latest rate, and you can follow-up with them to help them with their loan. You can also judge the readership of your ad. You can add your keyword to the radio & T.V. ads introduces the ability to have 2-way communication with the people you are trying to reach.

SMS Marketing for Advertisers of Digital Signage

Studies by InfoTrends show digital signage displays can generate up to 32.8% more in-store traffic and increase the average per-customer spend by as much as 29.5%. Text message service for Advertisers has increasingly become an important strategy for digital signage advertisers. Digital Signage integrated with text messaging (SMS) has grown into a mainstream advertising. You can now receive instant feedback from your customers while you deliver ads or information through your digital signage network . Advertisers and businesses have realized that text messaging is a great way to quickly communicate with their audience and customers and measure success of their ads. Get an awesome experience with our SMS Marketing Software and be in contact with your audience.


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