Using external integrations to take your business or service to the next level of text marketing.


Text Messenger App for Salesforce

Text Messenger lets users have direct one-on-one conversations with leads and contacts, while also broadcasting mass text messages, all while being organized simple yet effective fashion.

1-to-1 SMS or MMS Conversations with Leads and Contacts

Send and receive messages to leads, and contacts directly from Salesforce.

Automated SMS & MMS from SalesForce Process Builder and WorkFlows

Trigger SMS or MMS messages from Salesforce workflow or process builder

Mass Texting

Send a text or MMS instantly or schedule it to hundreds of contacts or leads from Salesforce campaigns

Receive Replies

Receive replies from recipients directly in the sales force. Create a New Lead or contact on a new text message

Wordpress Plugin

Send text notifications and links to subscribers via a Wordpress plugin

Sign Up Is Easy

Customers sign up by texting a keyword to a shortcode and then will receive a text confirming their subscription.

Great for Reminders

Rather than checking their email, blog posters can be sure their subscribers will see that they posted a new blog.

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Connect Text Marketing to over 500 apps including Google Docs, Salesforce, and Facebook without any code

Use Triggers to Simplify Actions

When an action occurs such as a new contact being added, Zapier can send a text to them and an e-mail to you.

Countless Combinations

Zapier Text Integration has a numerous amount of uses it can handle for the business.


Integrate the TXTImpact SMS app into Zendesk Support. Receive and respond to tickets via text and MMS Message.


Allow customers to open support tickets via SMS.


Create multiple campaigns for support numbers and link to individual departments or agents

Automatic Replies

Your agent can reply automatically to send updates about tickets and send responses to customer via SMS.

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Constant Contact Texting Integration

With TXTImpact Constant Contact SMS Marketing Integration, e-mail addresses captured with SMS marketing campaigns can be added to your Constant Contact list automatically.

Import Capabilities

Import mobile numbers from your Constant Contact lists to TXTImpact SMS lists.


Join Constant Contact list using the SMS marketing short code & keyword.

E-mail Import

Import an e-mail address from TXTImpact SMS lists to Constant Contact lists.

Text Integration For Mailchimp

Combine the Power of Mailchimp E-mail Marketing with SMS Marketing

Mobile Import

Import mobile numbers from your Mailchimp lists to TXTImpact SMS lists


Join Mailchimp list using the SMS marketing short-code and keyword

E-mail Import

Import your e-mail address from TXTImpact SMS lists to Mailchimp lists

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Text Marketing For Facebook and Twitter

With the TXTImpact Social Connect feature, when you send an SMS or MMS message to your audience either from online or from your phone.

Social Updates

Post updates to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously along with Mass Text boardcast

Future Updates

Schedule updates for future delivery along with your SMS or MMS broadcast


Manage multiple Facebook pages

RSA Authentication Manager

RSA Authentication Manager can be configured to utilize TXTImpact SMS Gateway for delivery of on-demand token codes to be used in on-demand authentications.

RSA Authentication

RSA Authentication Manager can be configured to integrate a supported Short Message Service (SMS) provider.

Tokencode Delivery

TXTImpact SMS Gateway delivers the on-demand tokencode to the user’s mobile device via Short Message Service (SMS).


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